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Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

Skid-Resistant, Safe Flooring Solutions for Restaurant Kitchen Projects

Restaurant and commercial kitchens have a long list of demands, and chief among them is USDA-compliant flooring that is non-skid for optimal employee safety. Beyond being slip-resistant, commercial kitchen floors must also be able to withstand harsh chemical cleaning, food acids and alkalis, as well as impact from dropped equipment — all the while demonstrating thermal shock resistance.

Durable Resinous Commercial Kitchen Flooring Systems

Ensure your staff’s safety with USDA-compliant, non-slip, easy-to-clean commercial kitchen flooring systems from Florock. In addition to being thermal shock resistant and durable, these resinous floor coatings are virtually seamless and meant to resist bacteria growth thanks to their non-porous nature and overall design. Learn more about commercial kitchen flooring options today.