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Hospitality & Restaurant Flooring

Attractive, Easy-to-Clean Flooring for Restaurants and Hospitality Use

When choosing flooring solutions for restaurants and other hospitality facilities, durability is often a concern, but there are other demands that must be met as well. For instance, the floor must be easy to clean, skid-resistant and safe, and, in the case of highly visible restaurant or entertainment venue settings, it has to look great, too.

Unique Flooring Durability and Customization Demands of the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry

Whether in the back of the house or the ever-visible public areas, restaurant, hotel and entertainment venue floors need to look great and be visually appealing. In addition, they must be durable and safe. In hospitality settings, it’s important to ensure staff and patron safety — so it is essential that the floor coatings provide slip-resistant protection. Beyond that, flooring should be visually attractive to patrons, expressing the facility’s corporate image, décor and theme.

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