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Food Processing Flooring

Durable Floor Coatings for Food Processing Facilities

Florock is dedicated to providing heavy duty, high-performance flooring options for food processing facilities. Food and beverage processing plants require floors that are able to stand up to moisture, extreme temperatures, frequent washings, and a high level of traffic and heavy impact. At Florock, we offer a broad spectrum of floor coating options that meet these unique demands.

Unique Flooring Challenges for Food Processing Plants

In food processing plants, substances such as oils, animal fats, sugars, dairy products, and acids can all eat away at flooring. With less than optimal flooring, these can lead to faster deterioration and a shorter lifecycle, requiring the floor to be replaced or repaired much sooner.

Additionally, these facilities are often cleaned with industrial-strength solvents, which can lead to degradation of the floor, while heavily loaded steel-wheeled carts, forklifts, and other machinery can lead to damage and imperfections in the floor. For these reasons and more, it’s important to choose a floor coating that is designed for use in this specific, tough environment.

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