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If you’re looking for fast-curing, low-odor and highly decorative polymer flooring, Florock’s FloroSpartic coating system has all you need and more.

FloroSpartic basecoats go on clear or pigmented, perfect for receiving a full broadcast of decorative colored chips. With a FloroSpartic topcoat, your floor is easy to maintain while meeting USDA requirements, resisting chemical and abrasion damage and providing optional antimicrobial protection. All that, plus it can often be installed by your local approved Florock professional in as little as one day, with almost no odor.

FloroSpartic floor systems from Florock provide highly decorative polymer coatings for many different facilities. FloroSpartic can be used as a basecoat or topcoat. When used as a basecoat, it can be applied clear or pigmented, perfect for accompanying decorative colored chips. When used as a topcoat, the floor will be resistant to chemical and abrasion damage, and will also meet USDA requirements. FloroSpartic coatings are low-odor and offer a glossy look, and are antimicrobial. Whether you need flooring for an auto body shop, a retail location, a factory, or another facility, FloroSpartic is a great option.

For more information about FloroSpartic, contact Florock today. Check out the video below to learn more!