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FloroCrete SLX with MacroChips

Florock’s FloroCrete SLX with MacroChips and Florospartic topcoat gives your floors a decorative, durable finish with fast turnaround time.

While FloroCrete SLX can provide your floors serious protection against moisture vapor transmission, abrasion, chemicals and more. Your approved Florock installer can broadcast a blend of MacroChips and topcoat with clear Florospartic creates a beautiful, professional finish that lasts. This USDA-approved solution can be applied quickly and with very low odor, so you don’t have to contend with extensive downtime at your facility.

Creating a beautiful, professional floor is easy when you use FloroCrete SLX with MacroChips from Florock. This flooring system offers a decorative, durable finish that is resistant to abrasion and chemical damage as well as moisture vapor transmission. The blend of FloroCrete with MacroChips and a topcoat of Florospartic is a USDA-approved solution that is applied with very low odor, which leads to less downtime during the installation process. FloroCrete SLX is used in a number of different types of facilities, including food processing plants and factories.

Check out the video below, or contact Florock today for more information about FloroCrete SLX flooring systems.