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FloroCrete SLX

Florock’s FloroCrete SLX with sand broadcast and two grout coat options gives your floors moisture tolerance, slip resistance and other lasting benefits.

FloroCrete SLX provides heavy duty protection for your floors. Broadcast neutral colored sand, colored quartz blend or colored chips. While a clear topcoat is best for colored quartz or chips, a solid colored finish over your sand broadcast gives your floor beautifully uniform aesthetics as well as skid resistance and the other benefits you’d expect from FloroCrete SLX, like moisture tolerance, abrasion resistance and more.

When you need heavy-duty flooring that is also great looking for a facility, consider FloroCrete SLX from Florock.  FloroCrete SLX offers a neutral sand color, colored quartz blend, or colored chips depending on the option you choose, and can give a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing look to the area it is used in. Additionally, it offers benefits such as moisture tolerance, abrasion resistance, skid resistance, and more. Perfect for facilities where thermal shock resistance, low-odor, and USDA compliance are required, FloroCrete SLX is often used in commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, and more.
To find out more about FloroCrete SLX, check out the video below or contact Florock today.