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FloroCrete HD

For moisture-tolerant, economical and thermal shock resistant flooring, FloroCrete HD is a heavy duty system that you can count on.

FloroCrete HD

FloroCrete HD spreads across your floors in a simple, one-step application process that provides lasting protection and heavy duty durability. With its fast turnaround time and low odor, it’s easy for an approved Florock professional to install and provides lasting benefits like chemical and impact resistance, a pinhole-free surface and EPA-registered antimicrobial protection.

FloroCrete HD – Heavy Duty Urethane Mortar System

When you need an extra-strength flooring system for your facility, turn to Florock’s FloroCrete HD, a solvent-free, low-odor, heavy-duty solution. FloroCrete HD applies in a simple, one-step application process and provides facilities with long-lasting protection and exceptional durability. It’s chemical and impact resistant, with a pinhole-free surface and is EPA registered for microbial protection. It can be installed from ¼” to 3/8” thickness, and is ideal for applications such as factories, manufacturing plants, food and beverage plants, and more.

To learn more about FloroCrete HD from Florock, contact us today, and to see how it’s applied, check out the video below.