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Medical & Healthcare Flooring

Sanitary, Long-Lasting Flooring for Medical and Healthcare Facilities

At Florock, we’re proud to serve a variety of industries and meet their unique flooring needs. One of our specialties is furnishing the medical and healthcare industry with ideal solutions for its exacting environments. These facilities need flooring designed to accommodate high foot traffic, stringent cleaning regimens and sanitary requirements.


Meeting the Sanitation and Durability Demands of Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Medical and healthcare facility flooring must stand up to a variety of abuse, all while remaining safe and durable. Healthcare facilities require flooring that discourages and helps prevent the growth and harboring of dangerous bacteria, and in turn, flooring that can stand up to harsh chemical cleansers and frequent washing.

Healthcare flooring has to be hygienic, easily sanitized, and safe—slip-inhibiting and skid-resistant. These floors should also be antimicrobial and seamless to support sanitation protocols.

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