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Commercial Public Restroom Flooring

Easy-to-Clean, Chemical Resistant, and Durable Floors for Public Restrooms

When you’re tasked with choosing a floor system for a public restroom floor, there are many factors to consider: ease of maintenance, whether it will be damaged by harsh cleaning chemicals, overall durability, porosity, and skid-resistance, to name just a few. In addition, public restroom floors should be customizable to match facility décor.

Clean, Seamless Floors Provide Safety for Public Restroom Applications

Public restrooms are highly used spaces, so it’s important they always be presentable. Aside from good looks, ensuring safety is imperative, so choosing non-porous and seamless floors that are slip-resistant and easy to clean is ideal. Flooring with a large selection of colors, blends and designs, as well as anti-microbial options, is even better. To learn more about the epoxy floor coatings for public restroom floors, contact Florock today.