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Vinyl Ester Floor Coatings

The list of chemicals used in industrial facilities can include a wide range of acids and alkalis in various concentrations, as well as solvents and other substances. This is especially the case where extremely harsh or hazardous chemicals are used, such as in the following locations:

  • Chemical manufacturing plants and storage areas
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Metal finishing facilities
  • Power generation plants
  • Oil and gas storage vaults

Splash and spillage of such corrosive elements can wreak havoc on all aspects of the environment, destroying floors, walls and tank linings. However, nothing takes more punishment than flooring, as typical traffic surfaces must be capable of withstanding abrasion, heavy loads, ongoing foot traffic, and myriad other types of abuse commonly found in industrial facilities.

Proper protection of all three elements—floors, tanks and walls—is critical to minimizing the costs of frequent repair or replacement and the associated downtime in production.

Vinyl ester resins have proven to provide excellent corrosion control and resistance to even the harshest chemicals and solvents and can be applied to both steel and concrete substrates.

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What is a Vinyl Ester Resin?

In laymen’s terms, vinyl ester resin can be described as something like a cross between polyester resin and epoxy resins. This combination is typically capable of providing greater resistance properties when exposed to corrosive conditions than do either resin individually. Vinyl esters can provide superior durability, performance, and longevity.

Vinyl Esters vs. Epoxy for Thermal Stability

While best known for their excellent ability to withstand chemical exposure, depending on specific formulation, many vinyl ester coatings also offer good resistance to changes in temperature.

While many epoxy coatings perform best within typical climate-controlled environments, vinyl esters offer facilities more flexibility when it comes to room and surface temperatures. Thermal stability in the face of a wider range of temperatures, in addition to outstanding chemical resistance, is one reason vinyl ester coatings are used to protect concrete on floors and secondary containment systems around the world.

Vinyl Ester Coatings for Concrete and Steel Substrates from Florock

FloroEster Vinyl Ester Coating Systems can provide a high level of chemical and corrosion resistance in a variety of applications. They are multi-component, high-solids coatings developed specifically to protect against a wide range of acidic, alkali and strong concentration substances.

The FloroEster product line consists of:

  • FloroEster U Primer, which seals and strengthens concrete and steel substrates and improves the adhesion of the subsequent midcoats and topcoats of FloroEster VE and NVE coatings.
  • FloroEster VE Vinyl Ester Mid/Topcoat protects against a long list of acidic and caustic solutions under many different site conditions. It may be applied over FloroEster U neat, or with silica sand or decorative colored quartz aggregate. It is available in Clear, Gray or Red.
  • FloroEster NVE Novolac Vinyl Ester Mid/Topcoat offers another level of coating protection to facilities with various industrial environments. It helps safeguard flooring and secondary containment substrates over the long term.

To help ensure you get the optimal protection you need, your local Florock professional will first work with you to create a comprehensive profile of the site conditions and chemicals present at your facility. Only after reviewing this detailed profile with our technical service director will a FloroEster System recommendation be provided.

Why Choose Florock?

Florock has been satisfying discerning facilities just like yours for over 65 years. We continue to demonstrate our dedication to our clients each and every day through our consistent high quality protective coating systems, technical expertise and caring customer service. At Florock, we’re here for you—it’s just that simple. Call us today to learn more.

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