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Thixotropic floor coating

Thixotropic Floor Coatings

Suitable for a variety of applications, thixotropic floor coatings from Florock give you the customizable consistency you need to repair or add special finishes to both walls and floors in your facility. With their different viscosity levels, these floor coatings and coating systems offer versatile application options and economical, time-saving convenience.

Our thixotropic coating systems are pre-thickened to a range of different viscosities, eliminating the need for additional powders or mixes. From our popular gel patch repair kits to our easy-to-use stipple floor coatings, the same high quality, industrial grade resin systems found throughout the Florock line are formulated to help you achieve your coating application goals quickly and easily.
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Variety & Versatility

Our selection of high performance thixotropic floor coatings aren’t just fast and economical—they’re versatile. Use our multipurpose thixotropic gelled epoxy patching material for floors and even walls—it’s thick enough to quickly fill cracks and holes on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Our convenient, non-slumping wall systems provide strong sanitary surfaces that many be used with or without fiberglass reinforcement.

Our other thickened epoxy systems are perfect for grouting FloroBuild 1/4″ epoxy mortars. Select your preference of a lower viscosity or a fuller body formulation as the topping to your epoxy aggregate trowel mortar system. You may even use a special roller to apply the appropriate thixotropic floor coatings to any one of our industrial, commercial or institutional flooring systems to create an instant stipple finish with a classic “orange peel” textured slip-resistant surface.

Additional Benefits of Thixotropic Coating Systems

Our selection of thixotropic floor coatings offer a range of benefits and features, including:

  • 100% solids, zero VOC, solvent-free formulations
  • LEED certification contributing
  • Usable in conjunction with other Florock high performance systems
  • Pre-thickened and ready to go
  • Meet USDA requirements
  • Available with EPA registered FloroSeptic antimicrobial protection

Additionally, our thixotropic floor coatings can also be field tinted with Florock colorants, allowing you to complement your solid colored floor coatings.

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