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Epoxy Primers

High quality epoxy primers, applied as the first coat over properly prepared concrete, furnish the best foundation for your polymer flooring systems. They provide your concrete floor coatings with better adhesion, improved aesthetics and increased durability.  With different formulas available for a variety of needs and applications, our selection of epoxy primers help ensure the best performance possible from your concrete floor coatings.

Benefits of Our Epoxy Primers

Treating your floors with one of our epoxy primers before applying subsequent layers of the system has benefits that include:

  • Assist in ensuring tenacious bond of the entire concrete floor coating system
  • Penetrate pores of concrete, helping to prevent concrete out-gassing
  • Prepare the concrete substrate for subsequent application of mid and topcoats
  • Convenient field-tinting to enhance and enrich floor system color
  • Help to ensure best flooring system installation results

Overall, our epoxy primers help you get the most out of your concrete floor coatings.

Floor Primer Options

Florock offers epoxy primer formulas for a variety of needs and concrete floor coatings and systems. The dry times and recoat windows vary by primer, and include both fast-cure and slow-cure options.

Your regional Technical Representative and local Approved Installer can evaluate your existing commercial or industrial facility or even the one you’re planning to design.  They are some of the most talented experts in their field and can help you determine which epoxy primers are best for your specific concrete substrates, applications and floor coating systems.  With Team Florock, on your side, you’re never alone – we’re always there for you!

See the technical data sheet for each product for more details about the specific attributes and performance of our tried-and-true epoxy primer selection: