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Epoxy Mid & Top Coats

Applied over your floor’s primer, epoxy mid & topcoats complete your concrete floor system. These coatings add safety, strength and durability to your flooring surface, enhancing both the functionality and the aesthetics.

Within our broad selection, you’ll find high quality epoxy mid & topcoats that provide:

  • Outstanding chemical, acid and alkali resistance
  • Good  abrasion resistance and wear properties
  • USDA approved flooring
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Superior compressive strength and ability to withstand heavy point loads
  • Great flexural and tensile strengths for durability
  • Eco-friendly, solvent-free systems with zero VOC
  • LEED point contribution for both new and refurbished floors
  • Non-ambering clear coats and color-stable pigmented systems
  • Light reflective, high gloss or satin finishes
  • Quick and easy clean-up, with minimal maintenance needs
  • Optional EPA registered FloroSeptic antimicrobial protection
  • Full range of easily customizable slip-resistant options
  • Low life-cycle cost and incredible long-lasting flooring value

With these and other benefits to consider, your concrete floor coating system can help create the reaches its full potential when it includes one of our epoxy mid & topcoats.

Variety of Epoxy Mid & Topcoats

Our epoxy mid & topcoats are available in different formulas and styles.  With the help of your local Florock expert, you’ll find the optimal concrete floor coating system solution that’s just right for your facility and budget.

We offer gloss, satin and stipple finishes with a variety of skid-resistance levels available, as well as standard and fast-cure formulations that meet a variety of application needs and temperatures.

With options that are ideal for a variety of industrial, commercial and institutional flooring needs, our Floropoxy SL selection offers all of the benefits you look for in a floor coating system.

Contact Florock today to see which epoxy mid & topcoats are best for you and your facility’s needs.→