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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy is one of the most widely known materials among floor coating resins, and is one of the most broadly utilized in the concrete flooring industry. As a concrete covering and protector, appropriately-selected epoxy floor coatings can help preserve the structural integrity of a floor slab and safeguard facility investment.
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What Is an Epoxy Flooring System?

Basic epoxy flooring can be a simple two-coat application: A penetrating epoxy primer, followed by an epoxy topcoat. More often than not, however, a middle layer made up of epoxy and an aggregate component like graded silica is used to impart extra impact resistance or compressive strength to the floor. This mid-coat is typically followed by an epoxy grout coat, a high performance finish coat or both.

Our Epoxy Flooring Systems Are More Than “Just Epoxy”

When a floor coating product is labeled “epoxy,” that doesn’t tell you what you’ll find when you open the can. Industrial and commercial epoxy flooring systems & concrete coverings are available in a wide range of products, intended to be installed in a variety of specific environments and to perform in unique ways.

Our epoxy flooring systems are made with the highest quality resins and catalysts, aggregate blends and optional decorative elements to ensure superior performance and aesthetics.

Epoxy Floor Coating Selection

Just as a single resin type can’t satisfy the needs of every concrete substrate, a single epoxy flooring system can’t meet the requirements of every facility owner.

We have the selection to satisfy:

  • 100% solids, zero VOC, UV resistant epoxy flooring systems
  • Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and conductive epoxy floor coatings
  • Epoxy/silica aggregate broadcast, slurry and mortar floors
  • 100% solids, zero VOC, low viscosity, penetrating epoxy primers
  • Water-based epoxy primer and sealer
  • Thixotropic gel and stipple epoxy flooring
  • Acid resistant novolac epoxy floor coating
  • Colored quartz blend and epoxy broadcast and troweled flooring
  • Colored macro or micro chip blend and epoxy flooring systems
  • “Faux stain” metallic powder and epoxy floor coatings

With our full selection of epoxy flooring systems & concrete coatings, we can give concrete flooring the lasting durability, safety and aesthetics that it needs in a variety of settings.