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orange floor coating in food and beverage processing facility

Urethane Primer for Floors

Formulated to create an exceptionally strong bond with concrete flooring and form a base coating for other industrial & commercial floor coatings, our FloroCrete urethane primer for floors properly fills the pores in mechanically-prepared concrete. This gives it excellent bond strength, along with the impressive performance properties of the other FloroCrete urethane mortar products we offer.

These benefits include:

  • Moisture tolerance
  • Withstands thermal shock and thermal cycling
  • Thermal coefficient of expansion very similar to that of concrete
  • Chemical, acid and alkali resistant

Used to improve performance in industrial & commercial floor coatings, this urethane primer is an optional component in our FloroProof MVT system. It can also be topcoated with a variety of other FloroCrete urethane mortar or other Florock flooring systems.

Cementitious Urethane Primer