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Urethane Mortars for Floors

Our high performance FloroCrete urethane mortars for floors are sanitary, antimicrobial and easy to clean. These hardworking floor coatings withstand impact, abrasion and thermal shock and can even be used to repair or resurface existing concrete floor slabs. A variety of finishes are available.

Durability, Versatility and Performance

These urethane mortar systems exhibit extraordinary performance and durability. Available in three basic formulations, the FloroCrete flooring ranges from 1/8” to ¼” or greater in thickness and can be used to build integral cove bases, inclines and slopes to drains.

All FloroCrete Systems demonstrate the following performance properties:

  • EPA registered FloroSeptic antimicrobial properties
  • Meet USDA requirements
  • High moisture tolerance
  • Thermal shock and thermal cycling resistance
  • Tenacious bond even under extreme conditions
  • Thermal coefficient of expansion that’s close to that of concrete – flooring expands and contracts along with substrate
  • Steam-cleanable, with tolerance for higher temperatures
  • Good impact resistance and compressive strength
  • Excellent acid, alkali and chemical resistance
  • Moisture vapor transmission (MVT) mitigation as part of the FloroProof System

Versatile in application, use and appearance, these state-of-the-art urethane mortar floors offer:

  • Customizable slip resistance
  • A variety of decorative and utilitarian aesthetics
  • Selection of high performance topcoats

Urethane Mortar Industrial & Commercial Coating Systems

FloroCrete antimicrobial, USDA approved concrete coating systems provide excellent solutions for a multitude of commercial and industrial applications, such as:

  • Food and beverage processing plants
  • Commercial and institutional kitchens
  • Manufacturing and packaging operations
  • Pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals and treatment clinics

You can count on our distinctive urethane mortar flooring to satisfy a broad spectrum of needs, including yours!

Contact us today for more information about which is FloroCrete System is best for your facility’s needs. →

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