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Cementitious Urethane Flooring

Our USDA approved, antimicrobial cementitious urethane flooring offers the combination of versatility and strength that many challenging environments rely on. Particularly popular in commercial kitchens and food & beverage processing facilities, our urethane cements & coating systems lend themselves well to a variety of industrial, commercial and institutional floor coating applications.
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Performance When You Need It Most

These floors accomplish what others can’t – even in extreme settings. Some of the unique properties and benefits of our cementitious urethane flooring include:

  • Tolerance for moisture and consistently wet settings
  • Exceptionally performance when exposed to many chemicals, acids and alkalis
  • Thermal shock and thermal cycling resistant
  • Withstands higher temperatures and steam-cleanable
  • Capable of expanding and contracting with the concrete substrate to help ensure a tenacious bond
  • Meets USDA requirements
  • Optional EPA-registered FloroSeptic antimicrobial protection
  • Solvent-free, zero VOC and LEED contributing
  • Outstanding adhesion to properly prepared concrete slab surfaces
  • Customizable slip-resistance options
  • Fast-curing, low-odor installation
  • Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) mitigation, when used as part of the FloroProof System

These urethane cements & coating systems can be used alone or in conjunction with a variety of other coatings and decorative toppings. They can be installed with an integral cove base, and may be utilized to resurface/repair concrete flooring, as well as to create slope to drain.

Sanitary & Durable

In addition to resisting higher temperatures, exposure to harsh chemicals, thermal shock and thermal cycling, our FloroCrete cementitious urethane flooring offers the option of our EPA-registered antimicrobial additive, FloroSeptic. In choosing optional FloroSeptic, you get additional support for your pathogen control efforts by inhibiting microbial growth throughout the depth of the floor—not just on the surface. FloroCrete is also a component in our popular moisture vapor mitigation flooring, the FloroProof system.

These impressive cementitious urethane concrete coating systems are available in a several formulations, providing optimal solutions for every flooring challenge in your facility.