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Florock is now Sherwin-Williams® High Performance Flooring!

Starting January 2023, find our expanded line of products and systems at https://sherwin-williams.com/resin-flooring.

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Resin Flooring

No one resin floor type can do it all. Our laboratory has done the testing and knows the reality: In order to provide facilities with truly effective concrete flooring solutions, a wide range of industrial polymer flooring coating options is required. Our cross-section of resin coating options is one of the most comprehensive lines available today, giving you the selection you need to protect and maintain your facility’s flooring.

What Are Resin Floors?

Resin floors are a widely used flooring solution. This system utilizes a mix of materials to create a hardened resin surface. This solution is applied in a liquid form, crafting a seamless flooring system. Resin flooring solutions are incredibly durable and built to last. Some thicker types of resin flooring can even be harder than concrete.

By combining our various resins with specific chemical hardeners, the resulting proprietary systems achieve desired levels of chemical-resistance. Therefore, resin flooring is capable of withstanding years of harsh heavy-duty cleanings, making it a viable option for a wide range of applications.

Optional additives can be incorporated into resin flooring to achieve desired effects, such as industrial or decorative aggregates, various pigments, decorative multicolored flakes or natural mica chip blends.

Advantages of Resin Floors and Resin Coatings

Resin flooring holds a plethora of benefits for facilities everywhere, such as:

Chemical Resistance

Resin floors are durable and resistant to harsh chemicals. Depending on the system selected, the materials used in resin flooring can withstand years of stringent cleaning regimens. This helps avoid the cracks and damage strong chemicals can impart in other types of commercial flooring.

Easy to Clean

Because these systems are seamless, they can typically be cleaned more thoroughly and efficiently. Microbes have fewer hiding places in monolithic, fluid-applied floors as compared to the numerous seams and crevices found in tile flooring. With seamless flooring, a regular cleaning routine can help rid your facility of harmful pathogens more effectively.

Flexible Design Options

Resin flooring is able to incorporate a variety of design options. These solutions are fully customizable. A facility may choose from a variety of colors, as well as select from among exciting decorative elements, such as colorful flake blends. With resin flooring, there is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for durability.

What Facilities Utilize Resin Floors?

Nearly every facility can experience the benefits of resin flooring. Seamless surfaces have an excellent track record in a wide variety commercial, institutional and industrial settings.

Resin flooring is extremely versatile. We’ve seen it utilized everywhere, from laboratories to grocery stores. Facilities that must meet certain cleanliness requirements often choose resin flooring to support their sanitation programs. Healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, food processing operations, schools, restaurants, and many others have benefited from the hygienic advantages of resin flooring.

Types of Resin Floors

There are many types of fluid-applied resin floors. Some of the most versatile belong to the epoxy and urethane flooring categories.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a frequently utilized hygienic solution. Since it is seamless, it is efficient to clean. This type of fluid-applied system can be an exceptionally beneficial solution for facilities looking for a durable yet aesthetic system. Epoxies can incorporate decorative flakes or aggregates and offer an array of colors, allowing you to design a floor that fits both your branding and operational needs.

Urethane Floors

Urethane, or polyurethane, resins make up several different types of coating system and offer unique performance properties. For example, Urethane Mortar, sometimes called “cementitious urethane”, is ideal for extreme, heavy duty environments. Some varieties can be installed at thicknesses of half-an-inch or more. In contrast, thin film High Performance Urethane topcoats are frequently installed over epoxy floor systems to further enhance surface hardness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Why We Offer More Resin Floor Types

Why do we have more than five different types of polymer resin flooring in our line, instead of the usual one or two? It’s so we can provide optimal solutions for customers like you.

If your facility is a chemical repackaging plant where floors must withstand frequent drips and spills of high concentration acids or alkalis, your concrete needs special protection. takes something stronger than standard epoxy flooring. Chances are, we’ve got the right industrial-grade, polymer resin flooring for the job, no matter how tough.

View Our Recommended Flooring Systems

Should you have a slab-on-grade floor with moisture vapor transmission (MVT) issues, you could be facing eventual disbondment and bubbling with almost any type of floor covering—except a system from a line as all-inclusive as this one:

  • Epoxy flooring systems, including MVT mitigation solutions
  • Thin film urethane top coats
  • Polyaspartic floor finishes
  • Cementitious urethane mortar flooring
  • Elastomeric epoxy-urethane underlayments
  • Vinyl ester secondary containment coatings

Our network of industrial polymer flooring installers can test your concrete floor for moisture. Then, with the help of our tech team, they’ll determine the right moisture-mitigating basecoat for your decorative high performance coating system. It’s all part of the complete flooring solution we offer, thanks to the broad range of resin floor types in our line.

Which Industrial Polymer Flooring Resin is Right for Your Facility?

With so many resin coating options to choose from, how can you know which polymer resin flooring is right for your facility? Every concrete floor is different, and even within a single facility, you may need several types of floor coating products, depending on the diverse performance requirements. Even the concrete slabs themselves may present vary in composition and characteristics from room to room.

Our team of industrial polymer flooring experts makes it simple. Our regional technical representatives, local approved installers, laboratories, and tech team all work together to provide you and your facility with optimal resin coating options.

Recommended Flooring Systems and Resin Floor Types