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Resin Floors

No one resin floor type can do it all. Our laboratory has done the testing and knows the reality: In order to provide facilities with truly effective concrete flooring solutions, a wide range of industrial polymer flooring coating options is required.  Our cross-section of resin coating options is one of the most comprehensive lines available today, giving you the selection you need to protect and maintain your facility’s flooring.

Why We Offer More Resin Floor Types

Why do we have more than five different types of polymer flooring resin in our line, instead of the usual one or two? So that we can provide better solutions for more customers like you.

If your facility is a chemical repackaging plant where there are frequent drips and spills of caustic solvents, it takes something stronger than standard epoxy flooring. We’ve got the right industrial polymer flooring resin for the job, no matter how tough.
View Our Recommended Flooring Systems

Should you have a slab-on-grade floor with moisture vapor transmission issues, you could be facing eventual disbondment and bubbling with almost any type of floor covering—except a system from a line as all-inclusive as this one:

  • Epoxy flooring systems
  • Thin film urethane floor coatings
  • Polyaspartic floor finishes
  • Cementitious urethane mortar flooring
  • Elastomeric epoxy-urethane underlayments

Our approved industrial polymer flooring installers can test your concrete floor for moisture. Then, with the help of our tech team, they’ll determine the right moisture-mitigating basecoat for your decorative high performance coating. It’s all part of the complete flooring solution we offer, thanks to the broad range of resin floor types in our line.

Which Industrial Polymer Flooring Resin is Right for Your Facility?

With so many resin coating options to choose from, how can you know which polymer flooring resin is right for your facility? Every concrete floor is different, and even within a single facility, you may need several types of floor coating products, depending on the diverse performance requirements. Even the concrete slabs themselves may present different composition and characteristics from room to room.

Our team of industrial polymer flooring experts makes it simple. With regional technical representatives, local approved installers, and a full-scale chemistry lab and tech team at Florock headquarters, we all work together to provide you and your facility with the optimal resin coating options.

Recommended Flooring Systems and Resin Floor Types