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FloroQuartz Epoxy Colored Quartz Systems

blue and pink FloroQuartz epoxy flooring

FloroQuartz Systems are quartz flooring solutions that provide decorative, sanitary, slip-resistant and exceptionally durable concrete floor toppings. This high-performance epoxy polymer resin, when combined with blended color quartz granules, results in a multi-functional floor with style, strength and superior lifecycle value.

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Attractive, Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly Quartz Flooring

An excellent value-based alternative to terrazzo, FloroQuartz is available in a variety of thicknesses, textures and finishes. A broad spectrum of stock or custom colors and blends complement any décor and design. Sanitary and seamless, with optional integral cove base, FloroQuartz requires no special waxes or buffing to maintain its outstanding performance and aesthetics over time.

Use EcoBlend Aggregate Blends with 25% – 33% recycled glass content in Blue or Brown tones for an even more eco-friendly quartz flooring system.

All Florock Polymer Flooring meets USDA requirements.  Optional  FloroProof Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) Mitigation  and FloroSeptic Antimicrobial Properties available.


Industry Applications for Quartz Flooring

FloroQuartz Systems are a cost-effective flooring solution for a variety of spaces. They are ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional applications such as:

  • Locker Rooms & Restrooms
  • Schools & Classrooms
  • Cafeterias & Food Preparation
  • Retail & Showrooms
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Assembly & Packaging Plants
  • Lobbies & Offices
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Municipal & Public Safety Buildings
  • Recreational Venues& Stadiums
  • Hospitals, Clinics & Laboratories

Easy to clean, slip resistant, and attractive, FloroQuartz is perfect for many facilities. This high-performing quartz flooring system offers long durability, making it ideal for areas with heavy traffic. Our decorative quartz flooring systems come in high gloss formulations, as well a satin finish, called “Silk Matte,” available in the FloroCryl (MMA) quartz flooring line.

Why Choose FloroQuartz Flooring Systems?

At Florock, we offer several color choices of FloroQuartz quartz flooring, perfect for matching the facility’s aesthetic requirements. This decorative solution provides the look of a variety of aggregate colors that can be blended to match any décor, and the resulting floor is chemical resistant and highly durable. In addition,, it is slip resistant, making it a safe option for flooring in high traffic areas. Some other advantages of FloroQuartz quartz flooring are that it is longer lasting than vinyl, and it is impact resistant—in other words, this is a flooring choice for facilities that are bustling with foot traffic. Browse products including FloroQuartz BC, FloroQuartz TL, FloroQuartz HB, and FloroQuartz Eco Blend today, and for more information about any flooring solutions, contact Florock anytime.