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FloroPoxy Novolac System

Concrete Protecting Epoxy Coating

FloroPoxy Novolac Epoxy is a two component, ultra-high solids secondary containment topping/lining providing excellent protection to concrete surfaces subjected to strong acids and caustics in a broad spectrum of industries. The coating may be used alone or with the addition of silica sand or decorative colored quartz aggregate. For a colored resin system, add the Florock Colorant to the clear resin. Darker colors are recommended, as this unique high performance resin can tend to amber over time.

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All Florock Polymer Flooring meets USDA requirements. FloroPoxy Novolac is an optional component in FloroProof Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) Mitigation.  FloroSeptic Antimicrobial Properties are also available.

Architectural Specs

Durable Protection: Floropoxy Novolac Epoxy Topping

Floropoxy Novolac is the optimal flooring solution for industries that require tough, durable concrete protection against damage from a range of harsh substances and chemicals. The healthcare, science, technology and electronics industries, as well as chemical and waste treatment plants, pulp and paper, textile mills, metal finishing and power generation facilities are examples of locations requiring an extra level of performance for their floor surfaces. Our novolac epoxy coating is designed to penetrate and seal concrete, curing to form a tough, impermeable surface.  It is one of the few products on the market made with 100% bisphenol-F epoxy resin, as many manufacturers blend their bisphenol-F with general purpose bisphenol-A resin, while still calling it a “novolac”. Floropoxy Novolac Epoxy offers a tried-and-true solution for some of the most challenging environments.

Novolac Epoxy: Acid/Alkali Resistant Floor Protection

Floropoxy Novolac Epoxy provides myriad advantages as a floor topping and secondary containment lining, furnishing superior chemical resistance, high acid and alkali resistance, overall durability, resistance to impact, wear, chips and cracks, while maintaining low permeability. Novolac epoxy is multi-functional in its ability to protect concrete from exposure to corrosive chemical substances and a range of extreme pH materials that would damage other types of floor toppings/linings.

Additional Options: Color, MVT Mitigation, Antimicrobial Properties

The Floropoxy Novolac Epoxy System allows for the addition of colorant and/or decorative elements for an aesthetically pleasing, yet extraordinarily durable, highly-protective floor surface. A range of standard and custom solid colors, as well as colored chip or quartz aggregate blends are available. Systems may be installed as thick as 1/4” or more by incorporating broadcast silica sand or special graded aggregate blends. Floropoxy Novolac is part of the FloroProof moisture vapor mitigation system and can be used to restrict damage from moisture vapor transmission under certain conditions. Additionally, FloroSeptic antimicrobial protection may be incorporated throughout the depth of the floor as needed.