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FloroPoxy ESD & Conductive Systems

Florock ESD and conductive flooring system

Our ESD and Conductive high performance concrete flooring furnishes a choice of electrostatic dissipative or conductive properties, in accordance with ESD Association guidelines. Systems demonstrate consistent readings throughout the life of the coating.

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As part of a facility-wide program, FloroPoxy ESD and Conductive Systems reliably and safely discharge static from the room, while providing excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, as well as UV stability.

Select from zero V.O.C., 100% solids ESD flooring or conductive epoxy in a variety of colors.

Our ESD flooring and conductive epoxy systems furnish dependable static-control floors that continue to perform consistently over time as part of a facility-wide safety program. Their resistance to a variety of chemicals and solvents as well as abrasion and wear resistance contribute to the outstanding value of these long-lasting floor finishes. A wide range of facilities in many different industries utilize FloroPoxy ESD flooring solutions to help protect expensive electronic equipment and help safeguard personnel.

Meet Industry Standards with FloroPoxy ESD Flooring Solutions

All Florock Polymer Flooring is USDA-compliant and our ESD and conductive systems meet ESD Association guidelines. Optional FloroProof Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) Mitigation and FloroSeptic Antimicrobial Properties are also available.

Florock ESD and Conductive Systems are ideal for use in structures such as:

  • Avionics and Electronics Facilities
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Plants
  • Telecommunications Buildings
  • Sensitive Device and Parts Storage
  • Plastics and Rolled Goods Converters
  • Medical Facilities & Clean Rooms
  • Explosives & Munitions Buildings
  • Hazardous Powder Facilities

Regardless of facility type, Florock’s selection of static controlling and conductive ESD flooring offers a high performance, electrostatic dissipating floor solution that meets industry safety standards, as well as specific application requirements.

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Learn about our unique, custom commercial flooring, from reliable Florock ESD and Conductive Systems to our heavy-duty concrete resurfacers and decorative finishes. When your project calls for impressive floor covering value, we’re ready to help.