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FloroBuild Epoxy Mortar Systems

FloroBuild epoxy mortar system in manufacturing facility

Heavy duty FloroBuild Epoxy Mortar Systems economically repair moderate to severely spalled, pitted or otherwise deteriorated concrete floors.  They provide sanitary, skid-resistant and highly impact resistant surfaces, exhibiting impressive compressive strength and point-load capacity. FloroBuild adds performance, longevity and durability to concrete, offering outstanding lifecycle value.
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As a concrete resurfacer, FloroBuild can be used to patch and completely level slabs, create mild inclines and build integral floor-to-wall cove bases.   Available in hard working, nominal 1/4” thick FloroBuild PT/HT or in FloroBuild XT with steel aggregate components, these floors easily tolerate the harsh environments found in industrial settings.  A variety of stock and custom colors can be conveniently achieved with the addition of Florock 100% Solids Colorants.

All Florock Polymer Flooring meets USDA requirements.  Optional FloroProof Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) Mitigation and FloroSeptic Antimicrobial Properties available.


FloroBuild Systems are ideal flooring solutions for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Heavy Industrial Settings
  • Firehouses & Engine Repair Shops
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Paper Mills & Converter Plants
  • Foundries & Plating Facilities
  • Loading Docks& Storage Areas
  • Logistics & Shipping Locations

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