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concrete floor preparation for new finish

Concrete Prep Guide

Getting the most out of your floor coating systems starts before you ever install them. Your approved Florock installer knows that in order to ensure the best possible performance, the concrete surface must first be prepared. Proper concrete preparation improves the adhesion of your floor coating system and can help it maintain its high quality over time.

A Complete Guide for Concrete Floor Coatings

Do you know what to look for in your concrete surface before epoxy flooring and other coatings get installed? This guide outlines how to inspect, test, repair and prime concrete floor slabs. Our experts have the skill and experience to address the concrete preparation challenges faced by your facility, so you can experience the full range of benefits of a Florock floor coating system.

Substrate preparation is dependent upon the unique structural and environmental conditions found in your facility, as well as the specific flooring system you choose to have installed.Concrete prep by mechanical means, using either a shot-blaster or diamond grinder, is now the industry norm. In order for your flooring to achieve optimum bond and performance, surface profile requirements can vary among different types and thicknesses of concrete flooring.

In addition to your needs and preferences, decontamination of the surface, slab moisture levels, moisture vapor transmission rates and repair of any defects are just a few of the things your installer must take into consideration.This guide provides the basics on the slab surface preparation needed prior to the installation of any of our flooring products.

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