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Warehouse & Storage Flooring

Warehouse and storage facilities require flooring that can meet the demands dictated by the many ongoing activities that take place within them. On any given day, a busy warehouse is likely to have forklift or pallet truck traffic carrying heavy loads. Oftentimes, pallets and boxes are dragged across the floor. Warehouses may also require a presentable environment for tours, customers, and workers.

Depending on the facilities, chemical resistant flooring is required to maintain a safe environment  Epoxy floors can meet the demands the floors require

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Special Industrial Floor Coverings for Warehouses

Managers of warehouse or storage structures must consider exactly what is being stored in the facility. For example, if the building is housing any corrosive chemicals, explosive powders, sensitive electronics or liquids, they will require warehouse floor covering that contributes to safety and static control. In other instances, a medical supply warehouse may need antimicrobial and highly chemical resistant floors, while industrial food storage facilities will require warehouse flooring that is USDA-compliant.

The broad range of products available from Florock Industrial Floors enables facilities to meet thiswide range of specifications and needs. Our easily cleaned flooring systems are virtually seamless, without grout lines, helping to prevent mold, germ and pest infestation. For warehouses with damp floors or those with continuous refrigeration for meat, fish, dairy and frozen packaged goods, we have floor coverings that cure in cold temperatures or in moist conditions. For electronics, avionics, semi-conductor and medical equipment storage, as well as for locations with potentially explosive materials, our line of electrostatic dissipative and conductive flooring offers economical, consistently performing solutions.

Considerations for Warehouse and Storage Epoxy Floors

Warehouse and storage facilities often need flooring that can handle heavy loads and impacts. When considering which systems will work best for a specific site, flooring specialists often ask building managers questions such as:

  • How many loading docks does the building have?
  • Is a battery room/area present?
  • Are acid-resistant coatings needed?
  • Will company visitors be brought through the warehouse as part of a tour?
  • What is the cleaning and maintenance routine?

Cleaning methods vary, depending upon what it being stored in a specific area of the facility. Liquids can be slippery, but dry powders on floors also pose dangers. The right warehouse flooring can make the cleaning process far more efficient. For example, when daily maintenance activities are taken into consideration, including the type of cleaning regiment a specific area undergoes, the flooring system can be perfectly customized during installation to meet those needs. At Florock, we have flooring systems that are appropriate for nearly every type of warehouse situation.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Systems for Warehouses

Over time, warehouse concrete floors can become pitted, spalled and deteriorated, and in need of restoration. If caught in time, most warehouse floors can be refurbished economically, resulting in a sanitary, skid-resistant surface with a high level of durability and impact resistance. When searching for the most economical, safe, and durable solution, the flooring system lifecycle can be one of the most important factors to consider. For heavy industrial warehouse settings with ongoing traffic from loaders and other equipment, we offer warehouse flooring that can withstand high levels of compression, impact and the test of time.

Coated concrete warehouse flooring systems are superior in both function and longevity. The constant use of forklifts, pallet jacks and rolling carts can damage polished concrete floors. The added protection provided by the wide range of options from Florock in warehouse flooring systems makes it possible for concrete floors to survive the constant impact and abrasion from equipment, as well as spills of corrosive chemical substances.

With one of the most comprehensive warehouse flooring lines on the market, Florock can help storage and depot building managers choose the optimal epoxy flooring for their facilities. We have the “just right” high performance floor system for every situation.

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“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR