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Public & Commercial Restroom Flooring

Public restrooms are integral and highly used spaces within every facility. While visited daily by staff, they are also frequented by the majority of visitors, and therefore contribute to facility image. Because restrooms are such an important component of a building’s design, they require durable commercial floor coatings that can resist daily wear-and-tear, as well as harsh chemical cleaners. At Florock, we have a wide selection of restroom flooring options to suit multiple spaces.

Clean facilities project an image of professionalism  Floors should have high tractability when wet, and still be easy to clean

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Commercial Bathroom Floor Coverings for High Performance and Outstanding Durability

The right bathroom floor coverings should be carefully selected to minimize maintenance and help ensure good lifecycle value. A restroom floor surface should:

  • Avoid grout lines for easy maneuvering of wheelchairs, baby carriages and strollers, as well as to reduce the surfaces where bacteria, viruses and mold can propagate
  • Have high tractability when wet, yet be smooth enough to accommodate easy cleaning
  • Have the ability to gently slope to drain
  • Be antimicrobial, sanitary, hygienic, discourage growth of pathogens and fungi
  • Offer a floor-to-wall cove base option to prevent dirt build-up in corners and facilitate cleaning
  • Have the ability to withstand sanitizers, detergents and cleaners
  • Be able to accommodate anticipated traffic levels, especially heavy foot traffic
  • Offer slip-resistance in case of any water spillage that stays on floor until next maintenance

Industrial Restroom Flooring for Multiple Locations

Restrooms vary from facility to facility, and each has its own specifications to which it must adhere. At Florock, we provide restroom flooring that can withstand multiple harsh conditions in multiple locations including:

  • Manufacturing plants —Floor coatings must be resistant to any soil, grease or chemicals deposited from workers’ shoes onto restroom floors.
  • Healthcare facilities —For this type of environment, infection control is critical and flooring must be able to withstand severe sanitation protocols.
  • Food handling facilities —In areas where cooks handle and cook food, pathogen control is crucial. Flooring must also be able to withstand the grease, oils, sugar, acids and other substances that may be present on employees’ shoes.
  • Schools, universities, stadiums, theaters, public buildings and other areas —Seamless resinous floors can provide better protection from vandalism, compared to many other options. Vinyl tile or sheets, as well as many laminated floor finishes, are more vulnerable to damage from sharp objects and typically do not stand up well to graffiti-removal chemicals. Florock’s commercial floor coatings withstand these conditions more effectively.

Durable Bathroom & Washroom Floor Coverings

Our bathroom floor coverings are resistant to personal products like cologne, aftershave, hair spray, certain deodorants, lotions and topical medications, all of which have a potentially high level of chemical or solvent content. Our floors are also urine resistant.

In situations where floors are hard to clean, such as when nail polish is spilled, our restroom flooring can withstand the harsh chemical nature of cleaning products. Florock floors are also available with special options, including:

  • Waterproofing underlayments for restrooms located on upper levels
  • FloroSeptic EPA Registered Antimicrobial protection

Additionally, if moisture vapor transmission (MVT) from within or underneath the concrete slab is a concern, FloroProof can help.

Clean, Professional Commercial Floor Aesthetics

The appearance of a restroom tells visitors a lot about an organization or business.

Facilities will want to present an image of professionalism and excellence. Florock restroom flooring offers exceptional life cycle cost and incredible long-term value. Our line of commercial floors offers a wide variety of looks to match any décor design —from classic to high-tech.

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“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR
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