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Epoxy Coatings for Concrete Floorsin Norfolk, VA

Concrete slabs are the most common structural flooring foundation in a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial settings in Norfolk, but concrete alone will not provide the aesthetic appeal and function needed for heavy use. An aircraft hangar has very different needs from those of an elementary school, and these differ greatly from the requirements in a food processing plant. That’s why we don’t just focus on one type of flooring for the Norfolk industries we serve—our priority is to ensure that each client’s unique facility floor needs are thoroughly met. From aesthetics to durability, Florock has you covered.



Seamless, Fluid-Applied Flooring for Easy, Economical Maintenance

One of the key benefits of an epoxy floor coating is that it is installed withliquid components, which help to create a virtually seamless surface for optimal durability, surface leveling and easy cleaning. Compared to competitive surfaces, these flooring systems nearly eliminate the use of grout lines, seams, or crevices, where dirt and debris can collect and promote microbial growth, cleaning is as easy as it is thorough. Installation of liquid components, combined with appropriate admixtures, allow for installation of a floor-to-wall cove base within a given space for a greater level of sanitation and cleanliness.

Unlike flooring systems that require regular waxing and other treatments to be maintained, resinous concrete floor coatings require only the simplest cleaning with a non-residual detergent solution, mop and bucket or soft bristle automated scrubber. The reduced cost of cleaning saves you time, effort, and money, in the form of reduced cost of supplies, plus minimal employee man hours to strip and wax or otherwise maintain a floor. Today’s resinous flooring installation methods offer fast turnaround options, with limited operational downtime. A low maintenance flooring system means efficiency and reduced budgetary expenditures.

The Many Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Facilities in Norfolk

The reasons why different facilities across countless industries in Norfolk choose to install epoxy floor coatings are many and varied, each with specific requirements to suit the needs of their unique operation:

  • Durability and Strength: Whether your facility will be subject to substantial loads carried on forklifts, constant foot traffic, harsh chemicals, or the movement of heavy equipment, a well selected and installed coated concrete flooring system can help to distribute weight more evenly across the slab surface, as well as minimize the potential damage of gouges from dropped tools, scratches from dragged pallets, cracks from demanding loads.
  • Special Formulas: Your industry has unique needs and our wide range of formulas and system designs allow for extreme resistance to weight, chemical spills, protection against the growth of microbes and bacteria, and a range of other custom performance properties.
  • A Broad Spectrum of Aesthetic Options: From solid colors to multicolored chip blends and formulas designed to mimic the appearance of far more expensive systems like terrazzo, choosing your epoxy solution through Florock means never having to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. We can also embed logos and other graphics into the floor itself, or use different colors or patterns to section off a large space for specific needs such as walkways.

Safe, Reliable Floor Coatings in the Norfolk Area

At Florock, we are here to discuss any particular concerns you have, regarding your facility’s future flooring system, as well as any special requests or priorities that are important to you. Together, we’ll develop a facility flooring solution that is best suited for your unique concerns and requirements.


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