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Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings in Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake’s schools, auto shops, manufacturing facilities, retail locations, and hospitals are all very different types of facilities and have different demands and priorities. One thing they all have in common is that each type of enterprise can benefit from having an epoxy or other resinous flooring system installed. Our many different formulations are specially designed to address your top performance concerns in a variety of settings.



Coatings and Systems for Concrete Floors

Tile floors have grout lines, and other sheet or plank flooring systems typically involve either heat welded seams that can be prone to cracking or open seams between click-together panels. These small crevices can become the location where moisture and dirt tends to hide. This in turn can create an ideal environment for mold, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes to grow and flourish, potentially leading to health risks for building occupants, staff or visitors.

Epoxy floor coatings are installed over concrete slabs in a liquid form that then creates a smooth, virtually seamless surface, greatly minimizing the number of locations where microorganisms can grow and thrive. If desired, the flooring systems can even be installed with integral cove bases, curving upward where the floor meets the wall to eliminate dirt-catching ninety degree angles, thus providing an even higher level of support for hygiene protocols designed to limitproliferation of microbes, bacteria, mold, or particles of dust and dirt, and help improve health and safety.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring Systemsfor Facilities in Chesapeake, VA

Epoxy flooring systems and other resinous concrete floor coatings have soared in popularity in recent years. Just as every facility’s needs are different, and just as each flooring system is designed with a specific set of conditions in mind, the reasons that facility managers choose to have resinous flooring systems installed are many and varied. In addition to the common theme of providing a nearly seamless surface that is easy to clean and decreases the risk of contamination, some of the most common benefits include:

  • A strong, durable surface. In a variety of industrial, commercial and institutional settings, the wear-and-tear inflicted upon facility floors on a daily basis could reduce an unprotected concrete slab to a crumbling, stained disaster. Floor coatings comprised of epoxy and other durable resins can protect the underlying concrete substrate by providing high levels of abrasion and puncture resistance, durability in the face of harsh chemicals and heavy loads, and protection against dramatic fluctuations in temperature.
  • Superior value and environmentally friendly. Compared to other floor covering options, well selected and installed resinous flooring systems furnish long usable lives and incredible value. These flooring systems can be installed over both new and existingconcrete slabs. Newly poured concrete that receives appropriate resinous coating protection from the start can far outlast its uncoated counterparts. Older concrete surfaces can often be resurfaced with the help of resinous slurry or mortar floor applications which can typically correct imperfections and help to extend the usable life of the existing slab. The installation process of today’s resinous flooring emits very low to zero V.O.C. and the waste associated with these systems is minimal.
  • Fast turnaround and low maintenance. Many industrial, institutional and commercial settings simply can’t afford to halt operations for days or weeks at a time to replace or restore flooring, which is why the rapid installation times and minimal maintenance are so important in epoxy floor coatings. Once installed, there is no need for routine stripping and waxing, or re-polishing and buffing, to keep the floor looking as it should.

Finding the Right Floor for Every Space

In addition to being a highly functional and practical option, epoxy and other resinous floor coatings are available in a variety of aesthetic options to suit any type of facility. Check out our designer multicolored chip blends, custom embedded logos, and other design options for a beautiful flooring system.


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