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Epoxy Flooring Systems in Salt Lake City, Utah

When it comes to epoxy flooring and other resinous floor coatings, Florock is proud to provide excellent service and a wide variety of options to the greater Salt Lake City area, as well as the rest of the United States. Our many formulations are designed to strengthen and improve the durability of the underlying concrete slabs, as well as provide a variety of customizable protections in accordance with the demands of the facility. Resin chemistries offered by Florock includepolyaspartic, epoxy, urethane, cementitious urethane and more.

Epoxy and other resin based floor coatings are favored by many industries for their low maintenance, durability, aesthetic appeal and economical lifecycle cost.They also result in an easy-to-clean seamless surface that is more than just convenient; in some facilities, it’s a hygienic necessity. From manufacturing plants and repair shops to schools and healthcare facilities, a wide range of commercial, institutional and industrial facilities can benefit from an epoxy flooring system.



A Seamless Commercial Flooring System for Easy Cleaning

One of the biggest advantages of an epoxy or similar flooring system is that it is installed as a liquid, resulting in a smooth, seamless surface. The grout lines in tile floors and seams between tiles or sections of other flooring systemsleave narrow crevices where dirt, debris, and microbes can easily collect, but are difficult to remove with routine cleaning, creating a safe haven where odor-causing mold and harmful bacteria can gather and flourish. Particularly in food processing facilities and hospitals, this simply isn’t acceptable.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: concrete floor coatings such as epoxy that are poured on, creating a virtually seamless surface that is strong, durable, and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Epoxy and Resinous Flooring

  • Excellent protection from corrosive chemicals, helping to ensure the underlying concrete substrate remains intact and strong
  • Countless design options, from solid colors and chip blends to complex logos and special aesthetics, including select finishesthat mimic the look of more expensive flooring systems
  • Options with special resistance to abrasion, punctures, impact, high levels of traffic, extreme temperature cycling, acidic or caustic compounds, static buildup, and more
  • Outstanding durability with minimal maintenance for a high-value, heavy-duty floor that minimizes the need for repairs or replacement
  • Quick turnaround options by our local, factory-authorized installers, minimizing downtime for your operation

Salt Lake Floor Coatings: Know Your Options

Countless settings can benefit from an epoxy or similar resinous floor coating. The versatility of these floor coatings allows for a wide range of colors, designs, textures, and formulations for industry-specific needs. Because these systems are made by mixing together multiple elements to produce the desired final result, your options are almost unlimited. Variousresin compositions are better suited than othersto protect concrete in certain environments, yet nearly all can be altered to have greater or lesser slip resistance, to offer antimicrobial properties, endure the extreme temperatures and thermal shock of a walk-in freezer or resist damage from impact or caustic chemicals.

When you partner with Florock for your Salt Lake City flooring project, we’ll work with you to develop a flooring system that is best suited to meet the unique demands of your facility.


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