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Dallas Concrete Floor Coatings & Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy and resinous flooring systems are the ultimate solution to maintain and preserve the strength and integrity of concrete slab floors. Florock has a powerful reputation for producing the highest quality epoxy and resinous coatings, and offers a broad scope of custom options to meet the requirements of various industries, including clinics, labs, commercial kitchens, educational facilities, retail outlets, offices, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and many others. Florock produces a vast array of resin chemistries including epoxy, polyaspartic, urethane, cementitious polyurethane and other polymer formulas.



Dallas Floor Coatings: The Advantages of Resinous Flooring

Epoxy and other resinous flooring systems are exceptionally durable and long-lasting, and seamless for efficient maintenance. Today’s faster turnaround formulas can be customized to suit the specific needs of various areas within almost any industrial, commercial or institutional facility. The multiple benefits of these flooring systems can meet the demands of extreme impact, the risk of chemical spills, or even provide anti-microbial, contamination-fighting support for hospitals, clinics, medical manufacturing facilities, clean rooms and similar operations.

Customized Resinous Flooring Systems for a Range of Industries

The floors maintain their beautiful designs over time, can protect employees and visitors with added slip-resistant features, and can be formulated to withstand extreme and fluctuating temperatures. A spectrum of color and texture options are available, from basic utilitarian looks to highly imaginative aesthetics, embedded logos, and other options.

Epoxy Floor Coatings: Benefits

  • Stain, scratch, impact, chemical, liquid, and thermal shock resistance
  • Unlimited color options, patterns, textures and blends, as well as customized floor markings and embedded logo designs
  • Varied levels of slip resistance for specific needs
  • Protect against caustic, chemical, and acid absorption that could affect concrete slab, helping to maintain the structural integrity of the subfloor over time
  • Easy to clean and maintain, requiring no waxing, buffing, or polishing

The many benefits of epoxy and resinous concrete floor coverings make them the ideal solutions to protect the strength and integrity of concrete slab floors, while providing outstanding durability and aesthetics. These systems can also be used to restore and strengthen damaged concrete floor surfaces and in many cases, help avoid the high cost of slab replacement. Faster installation means less downtime, with quick-cure options perfect for industries with special requirements.

Setting a New Standard for Durability and Aesthetics

When surveying the many floor covering options on the market, whether rehabbing an older floor or covering a new slab for the first time, cost is factor. Not only should the system installed be attractive, functional, and protect against the specific demands of your industry, you want the new traffic surface to last for many years. Epoxy and resinous floor coatings set a new standard for durability, with flexibility in design that is above and beyond what many other types of floor coverings can offer. With countless color and texture options available, as well as formulations that specifically protect against certain types of damage, almost nothing is impossible. Well-selected resinous floors can protect against heavy impact or chemical spills and minimize risks to human health, all within budget and without sacrificing aesthetics. The fact that this type of floor covering achieves so much, while protecting the strength of the concrete substrate, makes epoxy and resinous coating systems the ultimate facility flooring value for an increasing number of Dallas facilities.

For more information about a concrete flooring system that provides the ultimate in longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal for your Dallas facility, contact us today.


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