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Austin Epoxy Flooring Systems for Concrete Floors

Florock has become a leader in the field of epoxy and resinous floor coatings for a range of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities across the USA. Choose from a broad array of options, perfectly suited to meet the needs of your facility, including educational, healthcare, warehousing, food production, commercial kitchens, laboratories, retailers, auto repair, manufacturing, aviation, transportation, technology, and more. These resinous flooring systems can be customized to match the specific needs of your industry, and are available in various resin chemistries, including epoxy, polyaspartic, high performance thin film urethane, cementitious polyurethane and others.



Floor Coatings with Industry-Specific Solutions

Epoxy and our range of resinous floor options have become the standard for ultimate strength and durability, and for providing the ideal level of protection for maintaining the integrity of the concrete slab. Nearly every industry has specific flooring requirements that can be met with one of Florock’s custom resin formulas, such as extreme impact resistance, corrosive solvent resistance, anti-microbial protection, temperature cycling resistance, electrostatic dissipative or conductive properties, abrasion resistance, and many more.

The Advantages of Concrete Floor Coatings for Austin Facilities

Each type of facility is exposed to various conditions that can eventually cause wear and tear damage to its traffic surfaces. Installing a floor that can withstand each challenge, protect the concrete slab, and can fully meet the requirements of the specific industry in durability, longevity, and design can save your enterprise significantly in the long run. As these flooring systems are seamless and do not require stripping/ waxing or polishing, overall maintenance costs are reduced. A broad range of color, textural effects, and design elements make it possible to introduce a high level of aesthetics to your floor, with decorative features such as embedded logos or designated traffic lanes, as well the addition of multicolored quartz aggregate, chip blends, organic mica mineral flakes, metallics, or faux stains.

Benefits of Epoxy and Resinous Flooring in

  • Superior stain, scratch, impact, chemical, solvent, liquid and puncture resistance
  • An unlimited array of custom or standard color choices, textures, blends, and customized features such as markings, color coded floor delineation of work areas, and embedded logos and designs
  • Protects the integrity of the concrete floor from exposure to caustic substances, chemicals, acids, and other potentially corrosive substances
  • Easy to maintain and clean, requires no waxing or polishing, seamless, and exceptionally durable
  • Fast installation and cure options
  • Various degrees of slip-resistance for specific needs

The concrete floor coating options available from Florock can maximize protection while making it possible present a highly-aesthetic pattern that supports branding with design elements that bring stunning visual appeal for customers, clients, or patients. Your industry needs can be more than met with the help of our team of professionals. Beyond design, these resinous floor coatings can meet LEED certification standards, with green epoxy options produced from soybean-based bio-glycols and featuring zero VOC emissions. Protect your facility for the long-term, while protecting the environment with formulas that help your facility get LEED certified.

To start moving forward with the process of design and installation, connect with our team of professionals. Our experts can provide you with the individual support and assistance you can expect from the country’s leading provider of epoxy floor coatings in Austin.


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