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Boise Epoxy Floor Coatings for Concrete

No single flooring system can meet the demands of every type facility in every type of industry. At Florock, we are committed to providing a wide range of flooring solutions to meet our clients’ diverse needs. The demands placed on the flooring in a school or shopping center are very different from those in a hospital or veterinary clinic, and none of these would compare to those of an industrial manufacturing facility or a repair shop for large vehicles.



With a variety of features, strengths, and budgets, the resinous floor coatings we offer for concrete slabsinclude epoxy, urethane, polyaspartic, cementitious urethane and other specialized formulations. What they all have in common is that they are long-lasting flooring systems installed as liquids over concrete slabs to create a smooth, virtually seamless surface.

Concrete Flooring Imperfections? No problem.

Unlike polishing or staining concrete, applying an epoxy coating can substantially improve the strength of the concrete sub-floor, and can be applied in sufficient thickness to mask imperfections. Polishing concrete is typically a viable option only when the concrete itself is relatively new and in good condition; “acid staining” concretecan accentuate, rather than conceal, existing slab surface imperfections. In contrast, a concrete substrate that is pitted, cracked or otherwise deteriorated may still be an excellent candidate for a resinous floor coating system.

Once applied, the coating can also go a long way in protecting against further damage. Well selected and installed epoxy and similar floor systems can provide resistance to abrasion, puncture, impact, harsh chemicals and more, making these floors an ideal option for industrial settings and facilities that experience high levels of foot and vehicle traffic on a daily basis.

Benefits of a Commercial Resinous Flooring System

  • Rapid turnaround: fast installation options and skilled crews help minimize construction downtime
  • Virtually seamless surfaces provide fewer opportunities for debris to gather and microbes to flourish, assisting in reducing custodial costs, while helping to protect the health of your visitors, vendors, and employees
  • Options including slip resistance, antimicrobial properties, waterproofing, static control, integral cove bases and others, are available to meet the unique needs of your facility
  • Environmentally friendly: Our epoxy flooring systems are zero to ultra-low V.O.C. for better air quality, help to minimize construction waste by allowing existing concrete slabs to be refurbished and reused, while simultaneously reducing floor covering replacement cycles with their long lifespan. They also shield the concrete from absorbing a variety of harmful contaminants, which otherwise could eventually seep into the surrounding environment.

Epoxy Floor Coatings with Aesthetic Options in Boise, Idaho

Beyond functional features, with Florock there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to great aesthetics. From minimalist solid colors for industrial settings to elaborate flooring designs intended to make a lasting impression, we offer countless decorator options to help you achieve the desired look for your facility.

In addition to standard and unlimited custom solid colors, we provide chip blends in multiple sizes and color schemes that can be used to create artistic terrazzo looks or to produce the textured depth seen in natural granite. We also offer metallic options that can mimic the look of polished or stained concrete while providing far better performance. Multiple colors or patterns may be employed to visually section off an expansive, open room into separate areas.

At Florock, we can also make your flooring an extension of your branding by incorporating a logo or other graphic element. Contact us to learn more about the options we can provide for your Boise flooring project.


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