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Grand Rapids Concrete Flooring & Epoxy Floor Coatings

Florock is known as a leader in both quality and the variety of our epoxy and resinous flooring systems. They not only set the standard for outstanding strength and durability, but are among the best in protecting and maintaining concrete substrates.



An Overview of the Benefits of Epoxy and Resinous Floor Coatings

Every type of commercial, industrial and institutional facility has its own specific needs. Florock has developed a wide array of epoxy and resinous floor coatings to meet the requirements of educational facilities, manufacturing operations, warehouses, laboratories, commercial kitchens, retail outlets, offices, healthcare facilities and more. Our multiple resinous chemistries include epoxy, polyaspartic, urethane, cementitious polyurethane mortar and other polymer formulas.

The benefits of these types of floor coatings include:

  • Outstanding resistance to stains, scratches, impact and abrasion
  • A nearly unlimited array of custom and standard color options, as well as textures, blends, and customized features such as instructional markings, color-coded delineation of pathways and work areas, and embedded logos and designs
  • Protection of the concrete slab against chemicals, acids, and other caustic or corrosive substances
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance, requiring no waxing, buffing or polishing
  • Seamless finish, greatly reducing trip hazards and crevices where mold and other microbes can accumulate
  • Fast installation and cure options, some virtually eliminating costly downtime
  • A range of slip-resistant options

Floor Coatings that Meet Specific Demands for Michigan Industries

As a category of finishes, most industrial-grade epoxy and resinous floor coatings are designed to provide excellent durability and offer a choice of slip-inhibiting surfaces. However, each system offers unique benefits to meet individual industry and facility requirements. They can also be installed to deliver industry-specific solutions. Some of the specialized performance options include:

  • Moisture vapor transmission control
  • Pathogen growth inhibition
  • Dissipation of ESD (electrostatic discharge)
  • Contribution to LEED Green Building credits

Epoxy and Resinous Floor Coatings – An Ideal Choice for Grand Rapids’ Auto Manufacturing Plants

According to rapidgrowth.com, “Grand Rapids is shaping the future of transportation in the United States.” Florock’s family of epoxy and resinous floor coatings are an outstanding choice for helping to maintain the integrity of concrete floor slabs in automotive parts and assembly plants, as this exciting initiative plays out.

To address challenges specific to both the automotive industry and the Michigan environment, our systems can be customized to offer:

  • Thermal shock resistance, enabling the flooring to withstand extreme swings in temperature, including steam cleaning
  • Resistance to high concentration acids, caustics, and a variety of harsh chemicals, including oils, fuels and solvents
  • Extra heavy duty floor coatings that help protect the concrete substrate from impact and abrasion, thus helping to avoid deterioration and costly repairs

The Florock Experts

The Florock team of highly experienced professionals is committed to providing all manner of assistance and support you may require as you explore your industrial, commercial or institutional flooring options. The selection process can sometimes be daunting! Our goal is to collaborate with you to help attain the best possible protective flooring solution for your facility and budget. We can work with your internal decision makers, as well as designers, architects and/or contractors, to help ensure that both the performance and aesthetics of your new concrete flooring meet or exceed your expectations.


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