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California Commercial Epoxy Flooring

California Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Florock is a leading provider of concrete floor coatings that enhance facilities for safety, sanitation and appearance. Facilities in California, many in the San Francisco Bay, Greater Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose area, as well as all over the country, trust our wide selection of epoxy flooring and other resinous finishes to protect their concrete floors. Multiple industries utilize our extensive line of high-performance flooring systems for various commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Florock’s California epoxy flooring is ideal for retail offices, warehouses, restrooms, commercial kitchens and more.



Coatings For Every California Commercial Epoxy Flooring Challenge

locker room floor coatingEvery day, floors face a variety of issues—heavy loads, severe impact, spilled foods and liquids, sanitation requirements and more. Florock epoxy coatings and other flooring systems provide the needed solutions to maintain floor safety in California facilities. Florock floors can withstand continual levels of high foot traffic, punishing conditions, harsh acids and general heavy use, while being extremely durable.

Get Top-Quality California Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Facilities cannot afford long downtimes for flooring installations. With our fast curing epoxy floor coating and other resinous flooring options, facilities can resume operations in as little as a few days. In addition, our many resin-based and epoxy floor coatings help ensure an attractive, professional appearance that fosters a positive morale for visitors and staff alike. When facility owners in California need floor coatings with strength and durability they can rely upon, Florock is ready to produce the customized flooring system for them.

Benefits of Our California Epoxy Flooring and Other Coatings:

  • Resistance to punctures, impacts, abrasions, scratches, stains and chemicals
  • Seamless coatings free of cracks, grooves or grout lines where harmful pathogens and bacteria may develop
  • Slip-resistant finishes customized for different areas of the facility
  • Easy to clean with outstanding lifecycle value
  • Antimicrobial, bacteriostatic, floor-to-wall cove base options available
  • Custom colors, blends and patterns with the option to embed logos or other markings

With a complete California commercial epoxy flooring system and other solutions that we offer, you’ll be able to see a difference in the integrity of your facility’s floors. You’ll remain protected from many types of damage that can otherwise cause costly and oftentimes almost irreparable damage to flooring, preventing the need for frequent replacements. Impact damage, abrasive chemicals, and other types of damage will be avoidable, and you can even make your California floor coatings an extension of your brand, with custom logos, colors, and textures that complement the rest of your facility.

Reliable California Epoxy Flooring from Florock

Thanks to a state-of-the art warehouse facility, Florock services the entire state of California including major cities like Lost Angeles, San Diego and San Jose. Contact us today to speak to a technical rep or to schedule a free on-site concrete floor evaluation. You’ll be able to see a clear-cut difference when you employ our California epoxy flooring services to keep your floors in shape. Your floors will look great, with optimum performance following our installations. You can also avoid future damage to floors that utilize our high-quality solutions. We’re ready to give you the results you want with our dependable services today.


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