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Food and Beverage Facilities – Durable Floor Coatings

Whether you need coating systems that can withstand constant exposure to extreme pH substances and temperature swings or  continuous wet processing and heavy loads, we have the combination of chemical resistance and strength that you need. FloroCrete Urethane Mortars, designed specifically for demanding food and beverage processing operations, provide the durable thermal shock resistance and concrete protection you’ve been looking for.

For other areas of the facility, whether loading docks, locker rooms, hallways or offices, our broad selection of slip-resistant, decorative and heavy-duty floor coating systems includes options as as eye-catching as they are durable. Real value is hard to beat.



Your Complete F&B Flooring Source

Protecting food and beverage facility floors is a science, and it takes expertise and experience to effectively repair or replace processing plant floors to meet USDA and FDA guidelines for optimal sanitation, cleanability and pathogen control.  That’s where Florock comes in. With our R&D and QC laboratories, floor coating engineering and manufacturing capabilities, regional factory technical representatives, and full network of local, approved specialty contractors, you can be assure you’re getting the optimal concrete floor solution for your food facility.


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