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Hospital & Clinic Patient Room Flooring

Promote a relaxed, welcoming and healing environment for your patients with the right patient room flooring. Florock offers a large selection of epoxy floor coatings and coverings that help create beautiful, peaceful environments, promoting wellness and positivity for enhanced patient experience and healing.

Specially engineered for maximum hygiene and infection control, our floor coatings help create the ideal safe environment for both patients and personnel and can be nicely incorporated into evidence-based design.

Floor systems provide seamless flooring and aesthetically pleasing environment  customizable flooring systems ideal for pharmaceutical floors

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Sanitary, Safe and Beautiful Floor Coatings

The health of each patient is critical. Likewise, the safety of personnel is high priority. Florock® manufactures a wide array of polymer floor coatings that promotes a sanitary and safe environment for both patients and personnel. Additionally, our color-matching expertise allows us to support and complement any existing décor or color palette. Our floors are seamless and offer an integral cove base throughout patient rooms and handicap shower areas for reduced risk of bacterial growth in grout lines, heat welded seams, cracks or crevices.

Selecting the right floor for patient rooms is an important factor in creating a positive experience for visitors. Simultaneously, the right flooring can promote a comforting, stress-reducing environment conducive to the healing process.

Benefits of our patient room floor systems include:

  • Bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties
  • Customizable, just-right slip-resistant finishes for added safety
  • Antimicrobial EPA-registered finish options
  • Stain, solvent and chemical resistance
  • Clean air qualities including low to zero VOCs during installation
  • Free of formaldehyde and completely inert after full cure
  • Waterproofing underlayments available for upper level rooms, restrooms and shower rooms
  • No waxing, easy to clean and sanitize
  • Custom colors, blends and designs available 
Installed at Facilities Operated by:

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Unparalleled Quality & Performance

Unlike many other traditional flooring options, our epoxy flooring systems with FloroSeptic Anti Microbial Protection offer maximum support in the battle against pathogenic microorganisms. Our wide range of high performance floor coatings provides ideal solutions, where traditional carpet and luxury vinyl options fall short. See why you should demand a better flooring solution.

Florock Polymer Floor Coatings vs. Commercial Carpet

Where commercial carpeting options collect dust and can harbor bacteria, our floor coatings are bacteriostatic and fungistatic throughout to reduce the accumulation and harboring of microbes, dust and dirt. With the addition of EPA-registered FloroSeptic , our epoxy floor coatings promote a healthier environment. Moreover, our floors are easy to clean and sanitize, making them far superior to traditional commercial carpet. Impervious to water and liquids as well as being stain, solvent and chemical resistant, this patient room flooring collection is second to none. Together, these properties make for an easy-to-clean floor while reducing pathogen growth.

Florock Polymer Floor Coatings vs. Luxury Vinyl

Although a popular flooring option, luxury vinyl falls short in safety, health and durability when compared to our epoxy flooring solutions. In comparison to luxury vinyl, our floors are engineered to be seamless, meaning there are no heat-welded seams that can become compromised, crack or curl. Our systems also allow you to customize the right level of slip-resistance. Custom colors, blends and even “faux stains” are available for a completely unique look that feels like home, while promoting healing and comfort.

Specifically engineered to meet the needs and strict requirements of the healthcare industry, our high performance floor products offer outstanding lifecycle value and help ensure the safest and most hygienic flooring solutions for hospital and clinic patient rooms.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR
Recommended Flooring Systems for Hospital & Clinic Patient Rooms