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Florock is now Sherwin-Williams® High Performance Flooring!

Starting January 2023, find our expanded line of products and systems at https://sherwin-williams.com/resin-flooring.

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Poultry Processing Plant Flooring

Meat processing plants, especially poultry processing facilities, present some of the most challenging settings for maintaining concrete flooring. These wet food processing environments are subject to harsh conditions, such as chemical attach, daily wear-and-tear from moving equipment, and extreme temperature cycling. This combination of circumstances can tend to break down unprotected concrete slabs very quickly. Thus, in such locations, choosing the right flooring material to help safeguard concrete surfaces is crucial.

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USDA & FDA Inspection-Ready Flooring for Poultry Processing Plants

In addition to harsh chemicals and heavy wear, poultry processing plant floor finishes must also meet safety and sanitation standards set by agencies, such as the USDA, FDA, OSHA, and others.

Food sanitation is now more important than ever, and to improve upon food safety, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service instituted the National Poultry Inspection System (NPIS). The NPIS now requires poultry facilities to perform microbiological testing at specific intervals throughout their production processes to better control specific types of bacteria, such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli.

Because these microbes are persistent food safety issues in processing plants, every possible step must be taken to promote a sanitary environment. Operations striving for exceptional cleanliness and safety rely on high performance, seamless resinous floor coatings as an aide in their pathogen-control efforts.

Concrete floor coating systems must comply with USDA sanitation requirements if facilities are to pass inspections—and it goes without saying plants cannot afford to shut down or replace their flooring unnecessarily. Thus, seamless floor coatings designed for food production offer an ideal solution for poultry processing facilities.

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How Cementitious Urethane Flooring Can Enhance Poultry Processing Facility Sanitation

Cementitious urethane flooring, also called “urethane mortar flooring”, provides the highly sanitary solution needed to help facilities meet the NPIS’ requirements. When sourced from a high-quality manufacturer and installed by an experienced contractor, this flooring provides critical features and benefits for the meat industry. Some of the most important characteristics of cementitious urethane flooring include:

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
    Poultry processing plants must adhere to a strict cleaning schedule to help ensure food safety and their establishment’s success. While every company has its own unique set of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCPs), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs), nearly all meat plants utilize strong chemical cleaners, hot water and scrubbing action to eradicate potentially dangerous microorganisms. Such harsh sanitizing regimens can quickly compromise the durability of typical commercial floors. The exception is chemical-, acid- and alkali- resistant cementitious urethane flooring, which was specifically designed to withstand the rigorous conditions and cleanup procedures in processing plants.
  • USDA compliance
    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) publishes numerous recommendations on wide-ranging topics pertaining to the poultry industry, from the details of safe product handling to how processing facilities should be constructed. USDA inspectors visit facilities to help ensure all is as it should be. To pass inspections, facilities need USDA compliant flooring – impervious, easy to clean, chemical and thermal shock resistant, properly pitched toward the drain, and with no cracks or crevices. High performance, cementitious urethane flooring systems formulated for meat and poultry operations offer an ideal set of solutions by helping facilities comply with strict USDA sanitation guidelines.
  • Quick cure times
    So much of successful poultry processing depends on timing, whether it’s the birds-per-minute (BPM) of the cutting line or the cooling time needed to reach a certain temperature. Processing a highly perishable product means long downtimes can be deal breakers when it comes to new flooring installation. That’s where Florock’s quick curing floors come in. Our fast turnaround food plant flooring is an attractive choice for facilities that prefer to keep production going.
  • Outstanding moisture tolerance
    Poultry processing facilities are notoriously wet; nearly all surfaces are consistently exposed to wash down water, processing waste, and effluent. Since floors can almost never thoroughly dry, installation of typical industrial flooring requiring “bone dry” conditions is out of the question. However, moisture tolerant FloroCrete Cementitious Urethane can be installed on damp floors with ease.
  • Support for pathogen control
    Without the right protection in place, porous concrete floors can absorb processing effluent, thus encouraging contamination outbreak. In contrast, seamless cementitious urethane flooring systems isolate toxic processing substances on the surface, thus prevent them from leaching irretrievably into the slab, enabling proper cleanup and disposal. Impervious monolithic FloroCrete flooring with integral cove base and proper slope toward the floor drain provides processing operations with powerful support for their pathogen control and safety programs.
  • Customizable slip resistance
    Wet floors and spilled residue present potential safety hazards to employees. And while slip-resistant flooring can help, the level of floor texture must nevertheless allow for exceptional cleanability. Each poultry processing facility has specific flooring requirements, including if and where they want additional slip-resistance. FloroCrete flooring systems allows for slip-resistant additive to be installed only where desired and with the type of texture approved by facility management.

Durable Commercial Flooring Solutions for Your Poultry Processing Plant

The poultry processing industry mandates the use of sanitary and easily cleanable concrete flooring solutions that can withstand ongoing wet conditions, exposure to harsh chemicals, frequent abrasion and regular thermal shock. For long-lasting flooring solutions, turn to Florock. Our industrial-grade food processing floor systems are customizable to fit your facility’s specific needs. You’ll find the features you want and the performance you demand. Contact a Florock representative today to learn more about our poultry plant flooring solutions, installation and durable value.

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