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meat and seafood processing facility flooring

Meat & Seafood Processing Flooring

A hygienic environment is especially important in meat and seafood processing plants, where unsanitary conditions can result in tasteless product, spoilage and worse – food-borne illnesses. To prevent financial loss and potentially life-threatening health contamination, flooring for meat and seafood processing facilities must support stringent disinfection and sanitation practices.

Florock offers a full line of industrial floor coating systems that not only help achieve a hygienic and contaminant-free environment, but also offer great lifecycle value.

prevent financial loss and potentially life-threatening health contamination with florock flooring   FloroCrete Urethane Mortar System is usda compliance

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Meeting the Flooring Needs of Meat and Seafood Plants

When it comes to meat, fish or poultry plants, cleaning and sanitation are priority. From fresh meats to pre-packaged, vacuum-packed products, the right setting can help ensure low exposure to microbes and guarantee product quality and shelf life. Unlike rubber or PVC flooring, our industrial floor coatings do not require adhesives and can withstand constant exposure to fish oils, animal fats, and offal.

Our extensive line of polymer floors, including FloroCrete Urethane Mortar Systems, offers unique benefits to meat and seafood processing plants, including:

  • Impervious surfaces that are easy to steam clean and wash
  • Excellent moisture tolerance
  • USDA compliance
  • EPA-registered antimicrobial options
  • Ability to cure even at lower temperatures
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Superior chemical and acid resistance
  • Customizable slip-resistance
  • Low odor installation available
  • Zero VOC, low emissions
  • Fully cured in approximately 6 hours
  • Optional curb, cove and swale coatings

Together, these properties ensure that floors in meat and seafood processing facilities as well as abattoirs can stand up to regular pressure washing and steam cleaning, while helping maintain a contaminant-free environment. Our flooring solutions, in conjunction with proper slope drainage, help prevent the creation of breeding grounds for contaminants.  And if this wasn’t enough, our flooring systems are also fully customizable with decorative toppings like colored chips and quartz blends.

Installed at Facilities Operated by:

Wisconsin Packaging Corp  Coca-Cola  Pepsi  Tyson  Miller Brewing  Florida Natural

Superior Performance Even in Wet Areas

Because many meat, poultry and fish storage facility floors are nearly always wet from both condensation and frequent washdowns, the flooring must be able to withstand non-stop exposure to extreme moisture. This aspect of the environment excludes a broad range of industrial flooring. However, Florock’s solutions offer a range of highly moisture tolerant floor coating options.

Florock floors for wet and moist areas in meat, poultry and seafood facilities offer:

  • Zero VOC
  • USDA compliance
  • Optional EPA-registered antimicrobial protection
  • Options with curing times of less than 2 hours
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Customizable slip-resistance
  • Decorative selection
  • UV stability and colorfastness
  • Ability to be applied to sloped floors
  • Ability to coat curbs and coves

Contact a Florock Technical Representative to learn about the best flooring systems for meat, poultry and seafood processing plants.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR
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