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Police Station Flooring

Police Station Flooring

Police stations are more than just buildings—they’re facilities that are the cornerstones of the local communities. To maintain a positive perception of public safety, police stations must be built from high quality materials to help ensure structural longevity, and epoxy flooring is a key component of the design. Florock produces epoxy coatings and other resinous flooring that contributes to the efficiency, sanitation and attractiveness of police facilities.

minimize places where bacteria and pathogens tend to proliferate  Furnishing unparalleled chemical and solvent-resistance

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Areas for Police Station Epoxy Flooring

Construction of police station facilities is typically publicly funded from municipal or regional treasuries and with bonds. Because these buildings are built using funds generated from surrounding communities, citizens are often very concerned about the look, performance and budget of new law enforcement facilities.  In order for police stations to meet high taxpayer and bond purchaser expectations, our epoxy coatings and other fluid-applied seamless floors, with their outstanding strength and performance properties, offer some of the best long-term values.

Florock produces flooring that is ideally-suited for critical areas throughout police station facilities, including:

  • Operations rooms, including highly frequented walk-up window areas
  • Armory and weapons storage rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Evidence rooms
  • Prisoner housing (holding rooms and prison cells)
  • Dispatch/communications equipment spaces
  • Offices and cubicles
  • Lounge areas
  • Locker rooms and changing facilities
  • Bathroom and shower areas
Installed at Facilities Operated by:

Milwaukee Fire Dept           US Coast Guard           Air National Guard           Dept of Safety New Hampshire           Fire Dept Fayetteville          Metro Medical Services

Benefits of Epoxy Floors Finishes

Flooring throughout police stations must contribute to the overall functionality of the department, stand up to heavy 24/7 foot traffic, and support safety protocol in the presence of high-risk populations and potentially adverse and dangerous situations.

For flooring protection that enhances police station environments, Florock’s epoxy coatings and other high performance finishes are the clear choice.

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Florock’s epoxy coatings furnish benefits that enhance the day-to-day operations at police buildings by:

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR
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