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Prison Cell Flooring

Just like floors in police holding cells or lockups, prison cell flooring in a maximum-security prison or a minimum-security correctional facility, must meet safety and health standards for the incarcerated population, as well as prison staff and visitors. At Florock, we offer the flooring options needed for security and sanitation.

Chemical resistance to harsh cleaners and solvents  Seamless surfaces are easy to disinfect and sanitize

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Safety for Prison Cell Floors

VCT, sheet goods and carpet—which all depend on water-based adhesives—can be easily “picked at,” lifted, and ultimately shaped into a weapon, posing a serious threat to all.  Florock floors bond completely to the concrete substrate, becoming part of the physical structure of the space, without adhesives. The puncture-resistant surface of Florock prison cell flooring has no grout lines or tile edges, reducing the risk of vandalism or damage from manual manipulation by inmates—and provide the outstanding security required.

Pathogen Control and Exceptional Sanitation

It’s no secret that our jails are overcrowded, with some facilities imposing “double-celling” and “triple-celling” (two to three inmates per cell) conditions.  Such tight quarters means cold germs and infectious viruses can spread fast—making facility hygiene more important than ever. Florock prison cell floors are available with antimicrobial protection and bond directly to the concrete slab, reducing the chance for pockets of dangerous mold to develop between the flooring and substrate.

To adhere to sanitation conditions, our prison cell and holding room flooring offers:

  • Resistance to absorption of urine and other bodily fluids
  • Seamless surfaces are easy to disinfect and sanitize
  • Chemical resistance to harsh cleaners and solvents
  • Floroseptic antimicrobial protection options throughout the depth of the floor
  • Floor-to-wall cove bases that reduce corners where moisture and microbes tend to gather

Installed at Facilities Owned by:

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Other Health and Safety Features for Prison Cell Floors

Prison cell flooring must be equipped with features such as slip resistance from spilled liquids or moisture. At Florock, we offer slip-resistant floor coatings, customizable to suit a particular prison’s needs. These highly effective coatings do not require specialized cleaning, allowing for even untrained staff to clean these floors. One of Florock’s experienced and approved installers can easily install one or more of our many flooring options.

Fire safety is also an important issue that prison facility owners cannot underestimate.  Florock flooring rates as 7.1 Fire Class A when tested for Flame Spread in accordance with ASTM E84.  Florock’s self-extinguishing floors are well-suited for use in prisons. 

Installation Speed & Convenience

Like other buildings, prison facilities need flooring installation to be quick to prevent any downtime for the building. At Florock, we offer flooring with:

  • Ultra-fast curing options—Staff can enter or furnishings can be brought into the space only two hours after installation of FloroCryl or FloroSpartic floors.
  • Low to no odor options—Our prison cell flooring reduces the need to evacuate inmate inhabitants during flooring installation in nearby cells.
  • Easy repair systems—Prison facilities can choose resin options that require no abrasion of existing surface prior to repair or recoating of jail cell floor.
  • Many additional options—We offer moisture tolerant floors and moisture vapor transmission (MVT) mitigating systems, as well as waterproof flooring for multiple level cell blocks.
  • Zero formaldehyde formulas — Florock floors do not “outgas” after full cure. They also have low emissions installation and are LEED point contributing.

Calming Colors for Prison Cell Floors

Florock offers a broad spectrum of cool, soothing colors in a variety of solids and blends that psychology specialists say encourages calm behavior.  Florock’s unlimited custom options help correctional designers create modern spaces that are safe, secure and hygienic.

Contact Florock’s team to learn more about prison cell flooring options.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR
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