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Museum Flooring

The work of a museum is to conserve artifacts of artistic, historical, cultural, or scientific value for the benefit of future generations. Both beautiful and educational, the best museums boast sleek interior designs, priceless artifacts and a welcoming space designed to explore. Thus, the work of the museum floor is to complement each exhibit, creating an overall aesthetic that brings everything together.

versatile and long-lasting floor coatings for exhibits Florock provides various coatings to meet demands

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Designs for Museum Flooring

Because museums vary dramatically by theme, it follows that each locality will require a distinct type of flooring to suit its purpose. There are many custom options for flooring designs, including the following:

  • Children’s museums—With a vibrant feel compared to other museums, children’s museums require durable flooring that can endure traffic while remaining aesthetically pleasing.
  • Art museums—For art museums exhibiting original work, flooring must be stylish, but subdued, to allow the art to make an impact. In this case, epoxy floor finishes and other resinous flooring are ideal options.
  • History museums—Complement priceless artifacts and treasured pieces of history with fluid-applied systems and epoxy floor finishes while maintaining an exquisite appearance.

Epoxy Floor Coatings for Exhibits

The best flooring in museum exhibits has epoxy coatings or other resinous floors that are both versatile and long-lasting. Some of the characteristics of high quality epoxy flooring options available from Florock are as follows:

  • Waterproof—Epoxy floor coatings seep far into all the pores, nooks, and crannies of the cement underneath, creating an impermeable bond. A smooth surface without any nicks or leaks generally prevents water from penetrating – an ideal option for those rainy day museum visits. For extra safeguards in multi-level facilities, elastomeric waterproofing underlayment is  available.
  • Antimicrobial—Young children and senior citizens alike are more vulnerable to poor air quality than the average adult. Epoxy flooring is environmentally sound, without volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. This surface is easy to clean and sterilize, regardless of heavy foot traffic. Additional antimicrobial resin protection is also available.
  • High durability—a floor that can withstand foot traffic as well as the weight of certain exhibits, such as stone sculptures, is critical for a well-functioning museum. Our high compressive-strength floors are ideal.
  • Safety—Epoxyand other decorative resinous flooring is non-slip, even for those unsteady on their feet. A dense, safe surface, epoxy finishes encourage museum visitors to spend hours exploring.

Offering multiple benefits, our selection of decorative, high performance systems and other epoxy floor finishes set the stage for generations of artistic and historical appreciation.

A wise choice for museums, epoxy floor and myriad other fluid-applied finishes are long-lasting, visually appealing and economical. With many years of museum visits ahead, making an investment in durable flooring is now critical to encouraging a return visit in the future.

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