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Department Store and Boutique Flooring

Department Store and Boutique Flooring

Department stores and boutiques have unique flooring needs. From a performance standpoint, flooring must demonstrate outstanding wear and abrasion resistance. Yet from a design perspective, in order to complement the ambience of a store and its product, flooring should provide a unifying force to bring all aspects of the establishment’s atmosphere together. When it comes to meeting the requirements of boutiques and department stores, Florock’s designer floor finishes are highly attractive, durable and low maintenance.

Department store improve with resinous and epoxy coated floors Commercial floors are seamless and durable with Florock's epoxy floor coatings

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Department Store Floor Coatings

With a need for versatile flooring options, department stores must support the product displays within their retail space. From stylish women’s clothing to household appliances, each department has its own unique role. As multiple parts of a whole, the design elements within a department store must mesh well. To unite departments with interior design, consistent flooring can be used throughout the store.

An aesthetically pleasing, unifying floor design does not mean compromising on durability or safety. High levels of foot or cart traffic throughout department stores requires flooring that is resistant to daily wear-and-tear and provides the right slip-resistance. At the end of the day, optimal department store flooring selection results in lustrous, long-lasting surfaces that help customers feel welcome, allowing them to browse comfortably.

Attractive Boutique Flooring with Epoxy

Compared to large retail stores, boutiques rely on cohesive, eye-catching décor. Whether the product being offered includes high-end shoes, toys, clothing, makeup or novelties, a boutique’s flooring makes a substantial contribution to the overall aesthetic of the store.

A variety of resinous and epoxy coated floors provide an economical method of achieving attractive, easy-care customized looks, with the ability to mimic the appearance of products requiring costly long-term maintenance, such as terrazzo or stained concrete. A bonus to customers’ shopping experience, the right boutique flooring blends in with the overall “mood” of the store, and puts the focus on featured product.

The Benefits of Concrete Floor Epoxy Coating

A bare, uncoated slab produces dust, stains easily, and can be a poor aesthetic choice for a high-end boutique or a department store. Florock offers a variety of concrete floor epoxy coating options that allow facility managers to:

  • Make a statement—whether a store is going for a chic, modern or classic look, epoxy and other resinous floor finishes allow displayed products to make a statement.
  • Invest well—compared to many other flooring options, epoxy coatings and other fluid-applied floors provide a very long useful life in department stores and boutiques. The resulting lifecycle value can be impressive.
  • Choose long-term savings—with less time and labor needed to clean and maintain our budget-minded, seamless retail floors remain gorgeous, safe and welcoming for years to come.
  • Combine high performance with flexible design—in a retail environment, high traffic equals more  business. Resinous and other epoxy floor finishes easily meet the challenge by continuously working hard to protect, brighten and beautify in high traffic areas.

Make a lasting impression on clientele with epoxy flooring from Florock. With many options available, we guarantee to have the right flooring option for every store. Contact Florock today!

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“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR
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