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Kennel Flooring

With pets being such an important part of family life for a growing number of households, the animal care and boarding kennel sectors of the economy are rapidly expanding. When away from home either for work travels or for extended vacations, owners are increasingly using kennel services to care for their animals.

Some vet clinics and pet supply stores also offer overnight boarding and short-term animal housing services to clients. Amusement parks, like Disney and Six Flags, now offer visitors day kennels for traveling pets.

healthy to occupy  The right flooring selection can help keep kennel environments clean and safe

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Flooring for Kennels of all Kinds

At all these locations, facility owners strive to create a comfortable, safe and happy environment for the pets. At Florock, we can help by providing exceptional kennel flooring, regardless of the type of kennel facility.

We provide our scratch and urine resistant floor coating systems for kennels of all types, including:

  • Private or Municipal Animal Shelters
  • Dog Boarding Facilities
  • Doggy Daycares
  • Boarding Catteries
  • Grooming Spas
  • Hotel and Resort Kennels
  • Animal Training Facilities


Sanitary Flooring for Pet Safety

The right flooring system can help keep kennel environments clean and safe. At Florock, we create kennel flooring without welded seams that can crack and curl, as well as no grout lines where mold, germs and odors tend to fester. We engineer our floors to support clean-up regimes and help control the spread of disease throughout the kennel, including areas like feeding stations, interior and exterior turnout areas, bathing rooms, laundry areas, food prep spaces, isolation rooms, cage areas, and cat rooms. The end result? Floor surfaces that are safe, sanitary, and easy to clean, while still being kind to tender paw pads.

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Wisconsin Packaging Corp  Coca-Cola  Pepsi  Tyson  Miller Brewing  Florida Natural

Attention to Animals’ Needs

At Florock, we love animals! That’s why when it comes to the health and well-being of animals everywhere, we know there’s no substitute for attention to detail. We create our flooring for kennel facilities with unique features and specifications, including:

  • Chemical resistance to urine and animal waste
  • Zero formaldehyde use
  • No emissions after installation
  • Impermeable surfaces to help minimizes odor
  • Customized levels of slip-resistance, installed per facility needs
  • Low to no odor installation options
  • Extra quick turnaround systems
  • Bacteriostatic and fungistatic flooring when FloroSeptic added
  • Excellent stain, scratch and odor resistance
  • Integral cove base options and ability for floors to slope toward trenches or drains
  • Extra easy and economical cleaning and maintenance
  • Outstanding durability and life cycle value

When a facility is making plans to install new flooring, the right kennel flooring can assist in making the operation safer, more sanitary, and most importantly, healthier for animal clients. When renovating existing structures, our kennel flooring systems can help facilitate a fast turnaround time to minimize disruption of regular acitivities—a major advantage for indoor boarding kennel businesses. Our kennel flooring does not require waxing or annual professional treatments as do many other types of floor covering.

Flooring Options for Dog Kennels and More

With kennel flooring from Florock, facilities can provide a safe, comforting environment for visitors, staff and critters alike by reducing the incidence of mold and contamination with seamless, safe surfaces. Additionally, when kennel owners choose Florock, they have no limit to the floor colors and patterns from which to choose. We offer image-enhancing standard and custom blends and textures for every area of the kennel facility. We can also incorporate logos, whimsical messages and wayfinding instructions into kennel floor coatings for added personalization and warmth.

Every facility has a specific design vision, from the most utilitarian kennel to plush “dog hotels” that provide pets with every service imaginable. You have almost unlimited options in design and color for your kennel flooring. Your floor surfaces can gleam with the look of metallic stains to achieve a luxurious, safe, and easy-to-clean floor. Color chip systems make it possible to install a surface with color blends and a textured appearance that is both durable and attractive. Many veterinary clinics provide kennel services for which our FloroQuartz flooring system is a favorite hard-working, durable concrete floor topping choice, available in a range of colors for a custom look.

High-Performance Kennel Flooring Options

Kennel owners do all they can to keep all animal boarders healthy and happy during their stay. Flooring options such as moisture vapor transmission mitigation and antimicrobial properties can provide an added level of protection for the pets housed at the facility. Keeping a kennel clean and sanitary is critical, and a seamless kennel flooring system is not only superior in function and durability, but offers less troublesome cleaning. The innumerable grout lines found in tile floors provide bacteria a perfect place to collect, potentially creating health problems for boarding animals and a headache for maintenance staff. In contrast, protecting against contamination is a simple task with seamless, grout line-free kennel flooring from Florock.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR
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