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Equestrian Center Flooring

Equestrian sports have been experiencing unprecedented growth around the world. In order to accommodate such high levels of popularity, more private and public equine facility owners are building or renovating horse stalls and stables. State-of-the-art facilities need to offer excellent horse care and all the amenities required to host an event. Smaller locations that house and train horses also have unique flooring requirements demanding special attention. To help minimize facility maintenance time and provide an optimal environment for their equine clients, stable owners can opt for easy-to-clean horse barn flooring. Installed to help improve safety and sanitation as well as eliminate “concrete dusting”, heavy-duty equestrian quality flooring can provide long-lasting beauty, improved facility image and value.

stable owners can have easy-to-clean flooring options  flooring that can withstand the abuse that shod and unshod horses

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The Benefits of Floor Coatings for Equestrian Facilities and Stables

Facility owners need flooring that can withstand the abuse that shod and unshod horses inflict, including heavy point loads and “pawing.” Without proper coatings, bare concrete slabs may become uneven, cracked or otherwise damaged, creating trip hazards for horses that could result in strains and lameness. At Florock, we produce slip-resistant flooring with unparalleled abrasion resistance that protects and extends the life of concrete slabs. Our horse stall flooring options for wash and hose down areas are ideally finished to provide secure, equine-friendly footing.

Florock’s resinous equestrian floor coatings possess the high compressive strength and impact resistance facility owners demand for their barn aisle ways and stable flooring.

At Florock, we’ve installed our flooring in equestrian spaces such as:

  • Stall Aisles
  • Wash stalls
  • Feed Rooms
  • Tack Rooms
  • Barn/ Facility Offices
  • Lounge Areas
  • Restrooms
Installed at Facilities Operated by:

Wisconsin Packaging Corp  Coca-Cola  Pepsi  Tyson  Miller Brewing  Florida Natural

Environmentally Friendly Horse Stall Flooring Options

Horse people are nature lovers. Florock supports green building efforts with recycled content flooring options and USGBC LEED-contributing systems. It’s why we create horse stall flooring that helps protect the health of the animals occupying the space, as well as the surrounding environment.

Our equestrian center floor coatings are chemical-resistant to urine, animal waste, harsh disinfectants and pest control substances, preventing liquids from penetrating through concrete and into soil underneath. With zero formaldehyde content and low to zero V.O.C. during installation, our stable flooring produces no emissions after full cure, resulting in better air quality for the animals and people working in and around the facility.

Flooring and Coatings to Fit Any Equestrian Facility

Florock floor coatings and flooring systems are a perfect solution for equestrian facilities. Our highly-durable, sanitary and easy-to-clean floors are great for stall aisles, wash stalls, feed rooms, barns, restrooms and more.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have had many different brands installed, but Florock Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of Hi-Traffic conditions better than all the rest. We have used Florock products for many years”

Ray Strong, Maintenance Supervisor Baldor Electric, Ft. Smith, AR
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