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puncture resistant epoxy floor coating

Puncture Resistant Flooring & Coatings

Protecting your floors isn’t just a matter of aesthetics—cuts and punctures can lead to catastrophic deterioration over time, forcing expensive and time-consuming repairs. After more than 65 years of experience with industrial concrete floors, we’ve seen the serious damage that starts with something as minor as a single puncture—and we know how to give your floors the protection they need against that kind of damage.

Medical Facility Floor Puncture Resistant Industrial Concrete Floor


Maintain a Hygienic Facility

In addition to the cosmetic damage that results from punctures, the longevity and hygiene of your industrial concrete floors could be compromised without the proper protection.

Microcracks and cuts in the surface of a floor are an ideal breeding ground for mold, germs and bacteria, and become ground zero for damage that increases over time. They collect water, cleaning solutions and other chemicals, which infiltrate the surface of your flooring and cause exponentially more harm, even to the point of delaminating the floor covering itself.

Our puncture resistant epoxy flooring and other resinous coatings incorporate quality materials that continue to provide easy-to-clean, hygienic finishes, even under the unforgiving points of spiked athletic shoes and stiletto heels. These industrial-strength surfaces withstand the force of dropped instruments and tools, as well.

In addition to their extreme puncture resistance, the floorings & coatings in this line also offer impressive abrasion and chemical resistance. They even meet USDA requirements, and give you the option of our FloroSeptic antimicrobial protection.

To learn which of our puncture resistant coatings is best for your facility, contact Florock today.→

Retaining Your Floor's Value

New flooring can be just as susceptible to punctures as old flooring, so unless you specifically choose puncture resistant epoxy flooring & coatings, you could be at risk. Some facilities are particularly vulnerable to puncture damage, which can be caused by anything from spiked athletic shoes and high heels to dropped tools and pointed instruments.

Our puncture resistant flooring meets the challenges frequently faced by these and other high-risk environments.

A few of the settings that most frequently choose puncture resistant flooring & coatings include:

  • Hospitals, clinics and laboratories
  • Restaurants, hospitality and public venues
  • Schools and athletic clubs
  • Grocery and retail stores
  • Food and beverage processing plants
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Vehicle and aviation maintenance facilities