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Chemical Resistant Flooring & Coatings

Whether commercial or industrial, concrete floors are porous by nature. Without the proper protective coating, solvents, acids, alkalis, and other compounds can be absorbed by the concrete slab and deteriorate it from within—they may even flow straight through and contaminate the soil underneath.

Laboratory Chemical Resistant Concrete Floor

Our full line of chemical resistant flooring & coatings protects both your concrete floor and the environment around it, helping prevent damage from exposure to corrosive compounds. These flooring systems are used in commercial kitchens and laboratories, food production facilities, manufacturing plants and other environments, and they can give you the lasting protection you need for your business, too.

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Facility Safety and Environmental Responsibility

At Florock, we manufacture a variety of specialized industrial concrete floor systems that are impervious to many of the chemicals used in commercial and industrial operations.

By making it easier to isolate, clean up and contain hazardous substances, these high performance, chemical resistant floorings & coatings help keep your facility, employees, surrounding community and the environment safer.

The benefits of our various chemical resistant floorings & coatings include:

  • Floor toppings resistant to high concentration acids and alkalis
  • Concrete coatings resistant to solvents
  • Finishes that protect floors from vehicle fluids, fuels, Skydrol®, grease and oils
  • Broad-spectrum industrial chemical resistance
  • Resistance to stains from tires and betadine
  • Customizable skid resistance
  • Floors that meet USDA requirements
  • Optional FloroSeptic antimicrobial protection
  • FloroProof moisture vapor mitigation

Powerful Performance, Beautiful Finishes

You don’t have to choose between impressive chemical resistance and a beautiful finish. Whether your design is a solid color, a decorative chip blend, a quartz blend or metallic powder floor, or even a finish installed with a custom pattern or company logo, our high tech, safe, and clean flooring and coatings match your decor while providing powerful chemical resistance.

While every one of Florock’s high performance industrial concrete floor systems provides a level of protection against chemical damage, these systems offer you the superior strength you need in extreme chemical environments. Not sure which of our high performance floors offers the optimal solution for your facility and chemical usage? Simply contact us today to learn more. →

Recommended Flooring Systems for Extreme Chemical Resistance