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Joints & Patching for Concrete Floors

In life and in flooring, paying attention to the details can make a big difference. Taking care to ensure your facility’s concrete floor joints are properly treated and v right joints and patching for your concrete flooring can have a major impact on your facility maintenance budget , helping to preserve proper functionality of your floor slab. and your overall safety. We provide epoxy floor maintenance products and can connect you with an authorized Florock contractor, to help meet your ongoing needs as well as help keep your flooring system in optimal condition.

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Control Joints & Static Joints in Concrete Flooring

Whether it’s a control or static joint, whether you’re undergoing new construction or restoring an existing concrete floor slab, you can count on our elastomeric and rigid joint treatments to perform. Give your concrete flooring the critical additional support of a backer rod, or our aggregate filled resinous mortars. Fill completely or top off with one of our more flexible joint-filling products to allow for movement between concrete floor slabs.

Concrete Crack Repair That Makes Sense

Repairing concrete cracks and filling in small potholes as soon as you notice them can save on costly renovations and worker safety issues later. And with our convenient kits, it’s quick and economical. Of course, having the right concrete floor patching product for the job is critical. While an aggregate-filled epoxy floor maintenance mortar is right for one situation, patching with aggregate filled, moisture-tolerant cementitious urethane may be better on another floor. In other cases, our thixotropic gelled epoxy concrete flooring patching kit might be the best option—it all depends on your facility’s unique needs.

There are several causes of cracks that might require concrete crack repair services. These include:

  • Fast drying and curing as a result of environmental elements
  • Air pockets beneath the flooring surface
  • Excess water in concrete mixes
  • Rapid increases or decreases in temperature
  • Freezing, softness, and other soil factors

Regardless of the cause, Florock’s concrete crack repair can help you maintain your flooring.

Work with Florock for Top-Quality Patching and Joints for Concrete Flooring

Whether you’re in need of joints or patching for concrete floors, we have what you’re looking for, offering some of the most dependable materials and services available. We’ll make sure your flooring is in good condition with our floor joint and patching products, along with other options that can help keep your flooring in peak condition. You can consistently maintain safety and visual appeal with Florock in your corner. And our network of contractors can assist you with a variety of concrete coating services beyond patching and joints to help you get the most from your flooring installations.

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