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Epoxy Floor Resurfacer in university lobby

Concrete Epoxy Floor Resurfacers

Carefully-chosen and professionally-installed concrete epoxy floor resurfacers and other resins can save thousands in concrete slab replacement and facility downtime costs.
Resinous Concrete Resurfacer  Concrete Floor Resurfacer
Epoxy and other resinous concrete resurfacing systems can be used to economically repair surface cracks & damage, while optional decorative elements, striping, slip resistance and high performance topcoats add the finishing touches.
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Your Complete Concrete Floor Resurfacers

Resurfacing concrete floors is a science, and it takes the expertise and experience of field technicians and skilled installers to effectively repair surface cracks & damage. That’s where Florock comes in. With our full-scale R&D and QC laboratories, floor coating engineering and manufacturing capabilities, regional factory technical representatives, and full network of local, approved specialty contractors, you can be assure that you’re getting the optimal concrete floor resurfacers for your facility.

Our customers enjoy benefits that include:

  • One of the most complete concrete floor resurfacers lines on the market
  • A selection of more than five resin types, including epoxy floor resurfacers, ensures optimal floor repair for any facility
  • More than 60 years of industry experience, for the expertise you can trust
  • Meet USDA requirements for food facilities
  • FDA-registered antimicrobial protection available
  • Everything from quick-fix concrete crack repair kits to complete floor resurfacing

Our resurfacers don’t just repair surface cracks & damage, either. Additional benefits of our solutions include:

  • Aggregate-filled, fluid-applied systems that help dissipate impact across the floor
  • Ultra high point load, high compressive strength floor repair systems
  • Options for extreme environments, including thermal shock-resistant floors
  • Elastomeric concrete floor toppings to absorb machine vibration
  • Waterproofing resurfacers for mezzanines and upper levels
  • Utilitarian or decorative slip-resistant finishes
  • Moisture-tolerant and moisture-mitigating resurfacers available

Whether you need a simple patch or a complete resurfacing, our wide range of solutions ensures that your facility’s flooring isn’t just fixed—it’s improved.

When to Repair Surface Cracks & Damage?

You should always patch and repair as soon as you see a concrete crack, hole or other deterioration. Then, resurface your floor when it fits your schedule and your budget. This may mean that you resurface different areas of your facility on different schedules, administering spot repairs when needed and resurfacing later on. It all depends on you and your flooring’s needs. Our highly experienced factory technical representatives will evaluate your facility’s concrete flooring carefully, listen to your concerns, and present you with floor repair and resurfacing options that meet your short and long-term goals. It’s all part of the quality and service we’re known for, and that you can expect with our complete concrete floor resurfacing solutions.

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