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Decorative Epoxy Floor Coatings

Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

Whether you want decorative floor coating systems that can withstand constant foot traffic or heavy point loads, we have the combination of beauty and strength that you need. Our quartz, chip blends and metallics all create lustrous finishes that handle wear and tear, so you’ll continue to benefit from eye-catching flooring that’s as durable as it is attractive.

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Quartz, Chip Blends and Metallics

Our selection of decorative floor coating systems, including quartz, chip blends, solids and metallics, give you the options you need to suit any space. Our beautiful colored quartz blend and resin system offers the extraordinary strength and impact resistance of an aggregate-filled floor and can be applied using broadcast, slurry or trowel methods. Innovative colored chip blend and resin finishes provide the look of terrazzo at a fraction of the price, and cost much less to maintain with no waxing or special buffing needed.

Unique Metallic Epoxy Flooring Systems

Our metallic “faux stain” flooring provides the organic beauty of stained or polished concrete, yet with far superior performance. In public spaces, stained concrete can wear away, losing its color and finish, creating unsightly traffic patterns and drawing attention to patches, repairs and porous concrete. Our high performance, “faux stain” metallic powder floor coating systems, on the other hand, install predictably to help hide, rather than emphasize, concrete substrate imperfections. Their gorgeous, flowing patterns apply evenly and resist wear steadfastly, thanks to the industrial-grade resin and high performance topcoats used in our epoxy floor systems.

Heavy Duty Durable Epoxy Floor Coatings

Who says high performance can’t be beautiful, too? Our decorative epoxy floor coating systems and other resinous materials prove that beauty isn’t just skin deep. Don’t let the stunning decorative finish fool you—these floors are tough. Depending on your concrete floor structure and facility needs, they can be up to 1/4″ thick or more, with impact resistance and compressive strength as impressive as the strongest heavy-duty industrial epoxy concrete flooring system.

Additional Benefits of Florock Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

From epoxy floor coating systems and cementitious urethanes, to MMAs and polyaspartics, our decorative flooring offers an impressive combination of practical and aesthetic benefits, including:

  • High-traffic finishes with industrial-strength chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Ability to withstand heavy and frequent foot and cart traffic
  • Quick turnover, fast-curing systems options
  • Easy maintenance—no waxing or repolishing required
  • Antimicrobial protection upon request
  • Moisture vapor mitigation floors where required
  • Skid-resistant options that do not interfere with aesthetics
  • Pattern and flooring design options, ideal for designating traffic lanes and visually dividing your floor space
  • Choice of embedding your organization’s logo right into the floor

These and other benefits make our decorative floor coating systems ideal for spaces that need long-lasting appeal, no matter the heavy duty activities taking place. For reliable epoxy flooring systems, turn to Florock for professional services and solutions that can help you get the most from your floors. Our pros have all the expertise and equipment necessary to complete the job to your requirements the first time, every time. You’ll be able to see a difference when Florock Approved Contractors install high-quality epoxy floor systems for your facility today. We’ll help ensure you’re happy with the final results.

Recommended Flooring Systems for Decorative Epoxy Flooring