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Concrete Flooring Striping, Marking & Wayfinding

In the workplace, safety should always be a top priority. One of the best ways to help keep building occupants safe is by increasing awareness of potential physical hazards with the use of concrete floor striping, marking, and wayfinding. With use of top-quality materials and proper installation, safety striping and other concrete floor safety markings can demonstrate long usable lives, even in high indoor traffic environments. The experts here at Florock are dedicated to solutions that can help extend recoat and replacement cycles, providing you with optimal value.

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Why Concrete Floor Striping, Marking, and Wayfinding?

Bright, clearly visible concrete flooring striping and marking helps direct everyday facility traffic. This assists in keeping people safely in pedestrian lanes and moving equipment, such as forklifts, along a distinct path. In case of emergency, well-marked flooring can serve as a guide for employees and first responders. In addition, depending on the type of operation, specific floor safety markings may be mandated by your industry or by government regulation. Regardless of use, our high performance, durable resins help ensure your facility’s important safety markings stay in place longer, potentially requiring fewer recoats. Ask about large scale custom floor decals, which can be incorporated into your high performance coating system to demonstrate company, school or team spirit. It’s a fun way of instilling pride of place among your building’s regular occupants, while offering a unique welcome to outside visitors.

With Florock’s wide selection of striping, marking, and floor wayfinding solutions, you’ll see that our high quality is consistent right down to the tiniest details.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Markings

Whether you’re looking for floor striping, epoxy line markings, or wayfinding for your flooring, we offer a range of solutions to meet your requirements. Consider the benefits of industrial floor markings in areas such as:

  • Forklift aisles
  • Pedestrian routes
  • Pallet placement locations
  • Interior parking spaces
  • Wheelchair access
  • Changes in floor level, ramps
  • Restricted areas

Our floor marking and striping solutions combine safety and decorative appeal to help keep your workers and visitors safe, while complementing your facility’s aesthetic design. Whether to direct workers away from restricted locations or guide visitors to a conference room, you can count on Florock’s durable, proven floor marking solutions.

To get started with a floor striping, marking, or wayfinding solution for your facility, contact us or request a free site visit today.

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