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Architect Center

Architect Center

As an architect or designer, achieving excellence takes creativity, science and a whole lot of common sense. In the Florock Architect Center, you’ll discover commercial and industrial flooring resources and ideas that support your design process and assist you in delivering optimal value to your clients.
Florock Architect CenterFloor Architectural Design

Among the helpful tools you’ll find:

  • Colors, patterns and ideas in Design Inspiration
  • Examples to learn from in Case Studies
  • USGBC and other information in Sustainability – LEED
  • Downloadable DIVISION 9 Specifications
  • Detail Drawings to help illustrate your point
  • Product Technical Data to aid your selection process
  • AIA Approved Continuing Education

The Florock Architect Center is just one of the many architectural design and specification support options we offer.

Experience Counts

In any serious discipline, experience counts when it comes to success. The online Architect Center and other tools on the Florock website arm designers with some great industrial flooring resources and ideas, enabling them to quickly select and specify the right resinous flooring for their projects. But sometimes, you just need to talk to someone about your concrete flooring project—and we’re happy to help!

With more than 60 years in the industrial flooring and commercial coatings business, we bring a depth of polymer flooring knowledge and a genuine commitment to service that few other companies can rival. When you need industrial flooring resources, ideas and more, we have you covered.

Architectural & Design Support

When your flooring project is in the pre-design or design phase, our resinous flooring consultants can work with you to narrow down the extensive Florock product line to just the systems suitable for the job and budget at hand. You can access the downloadable architectural specifications in the Architect Center, or request that we create a custom spec at no charge to meet your client’s unique needs.

When it’s time to quote and install, we can introduce you to the locally situated, approved Florock installers who specialize in the types of flooring applications you’ve selected.

Regardless of whether you choose a standard floor or a system in a custom color or blend, the caring customer support team at the Florock Architect Center coordinates with our full scale Research and Development Laboratory, Quality Control Laboratory, manufacturing plant, and team of polymer technicians, ensuring that the flooring materials you specified are made, packaged and delivered correctly.

Finally, regional Florock flooring experts are available to provide architectural and design support during all project phases, from gathering your initial industrial flooring ideas during pre-design, all the way through construction and beyond. Let us know how we can help!